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Who: Zhang Yixing x reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Angst Betrayal Smut Story: Five years after the worst break up of your life you found love again and married Zhang Yixing. A three year marriage going strong suddenly turns upside down when Your husband's best friend stays at your place for a few weeks.
Y/N's POV Junmyeon looked far more pleased that he'd taken you down than you expected. You stared at him in horror completely distraught over your fall from haven. How could you have let yourself fall for his touch? How could you do that to Yixing? You felt sick and rushed past him to get to your bathroom. You heard his chuckles as you locked the door behind you and ran the sink water. "Aw come Y/n it wasn't that bad. You liked me slapping your cute ass. You want me as much as I want you." He said from behind your door. You shook your head and splashed cool water on your face. Your face was burning up, you weren't sure if it came from the burning headache forming or if it was embarrassment and shame from allowing him to do what he did. How were you even supposed to face Yixing after what you had done? You waited and listened out to hear if Junmyeon had left. You opened the door to peak out, "What's the point in hiding?" He said pushing the door open so he could come in. "I need to get ready for work you need to get out of my bedroom now." You said. "Alright alright, I was just seeing if you were okay. You looked a little shook." He laughed. He came down and kissed the side of your mouth. It didn't matter that you had jerked away from him. His hand had captured your chin to keep you still. He turned and walked out, you were surprised that he actually left. Normally he'd have you do something for him. You knew you were out of the frying pan, you just weren't ready to go into the fire. You got dressed as fast as you could and then you hurried out of the house. The passing week and a half this had been your routine. You woke up early and got out of the house quickly. You stopped making your lunch dates with Yixing, claiming to be busy or not feeling well so you'd stay in the office or eat with Jongdae and Minseok. They both noticed your unhappiness. You were becoming worn down from running from Junmyeon. The guilt of what you had done had changed you towards Yixing as well. He tried to touch you and you ran from him. It was like when you two first started dating. Your wounds were still fresh then and no matter how much he wanted you, you would come to him then stray. Yixing was better than you deserved and you knew that. It was why it was hard for you to really be with him in the beginning. You wanted him but it was strange to be with someone that wouldn't hurt you. Yixing would never raise a hand to you but so many before him had. You loved his heart and his sweet words but your secret love of pain was something that ruled over you and your body and Junmyeon had used it against you. In the end, when Yixing slept next to you, you pulled away from him. When he came home from work, you were already asleep just so you two didn't have to speak to each other. The first week and a half of Junmyeon's stay had gone by fast and after that incident Junmyeon hadn't touched you. You were strategic in avoiding him as well. Leaving before he woke up, locking yourself in your room when you got home and even staying out late enough that you didn't run into him. You were going to try again to tell Yixing to make him leave but you could barely look Yixing in the eyes without feeling guilty. Minseok and Jongdae had told you to talk to Yixing about what was going on. Yixing was hurt because he was being kept in the dark about whatever was bothering you. The guys didn't know Junmyeon was the one staying at your house, at the very least they knew his name and if you said that it was Junmyeon they'd say something to Yixing and Yixing would be more hurt. There had to be another way out of this but you just weren't sure. Junmyeon had been out of the house for several nights. He seemed to be getting his pleasure from other sources. That pissed you off only because he had the nerve to say you were his then go out and fuck someone else. Junmyeon just liked that he could control you, he didn't love you and that was a good thing but you hated that he exercised his control over you. You were less inclined to tell Yixing anything because of your infidelity. It was very clear that if you weren't married to Yixing and you had gone back to Junmyeon things wouldn't have changed at all. He'd still cheat, he'd still use you for what he wanted; you were a toy to him he didn't love you at all. You hated the fact that you ever told him you loved him. That was all a mistake. Last night you'd been awakened by a nightmare of Yixing leaving you. He was so angry with you when he found out what you had done. He couldn't look at you the same way again; he was disgusted and you tried to explain. You tried to tell him you were sorry but between the heartache and heavy crying you couldn't speak. You found yourself reaching out for him and when you woke up you were sitting up, arm out stretched and fresh tears escaping your eyes. Yixing came to you, he was already home and in bed next to you. He grabbed you and pulled you into him while you cried a little more. "It's okay baby I'm here, it was just a dream." He said. The comfort you got from him was beyond what you deserved. It was tearing you apart knowing what you had done to this angel. He moved to kiss you and your lips pressed together for a moment, not thinking it was right to kiss him but Yixing was your husband. You loved him. So you kissed him back, you felt his arms tighten around you and he pulled you close and then he moved you over him. Your hands framed his face while you kissed him. You felt his hand moving your hair from your face. Your hand went down to his boxers to feel him, he was already getting hard. "Baby." He whispered. "I'll be quick." You said. "Junmyeon is home and he's still awake." "Then I'll be quiet, you don't make much noise anyway." You whispered. He'd successfully wiped the rest of your drying tears from your face with his thumb. You had ignored him for so long but you needed him. You wanted to be with him and love him; after that dream, you couldn't let him go. He let you pull down his boxers enough to expose him. You bit your lip and let out a small moan when you felt him moving your panties to the side. You slowly slid down feeling him enter you completely. Your mouth opened exhaling slowly and lightly so you didn't make a lot of of noise. You slowly moved up till he was almost out of you then back down until he filled you up. You took off your top for him and his hands ran up your back pulling you against him. "Yixing I need you." You whispered against his lips. "Keep going baby. Do what you want." He encouraged. You moved his hands down to your butt and he squeezed just as you wanted him to. Your hands came up to frame his face again and you kissed him. You loved kissing him, you needed his kisses. You were holding onto him, you couldn't keep falling because of Junmyeon. You felt Yixing grip your hips and you moved a little faster. You saw his eyes close for a second in pure pleasure. That was what you wanted to see. You felt him move you faster until you were rocking on him harder. You placed one of his hands on your breast and he took your nipple into his mouth. "Ah Yixing." You moaned and stopped moving. "No, keep moving baby." He said lowly. You could tell how much he liked it. You started moving again and you felt him bring you closer to his body placing kisses on your chest. You moaned a little louder at the contact. He looked up and put a finger to his lips, "Shh baby- not so loud." "I don't care if he hears me." You said. Your heart was pounding as you moved with more purpose riding Yixing as fast you could. His hands went back to your hips helping you move how he liked. You could hear him groan under you. You kissed him and he kissed you back hungrily. He was really getting better in bed. He ended up sitting up and pushing you into the bed with him on top of you. His hips snapped into you hard as he said, "I'm sorry baby." "Don't stop." You encouraged. You assumed he was apologizing for putting you in the same position he always was in. His hand went through your hair as he kissed you. He was thrusting into you hard, making you moan into his mouth loudly. Your hand ran down his body and he ran his kisses down your neck. "So beautiful." You heard him say. You laughed a little, "You switched to Chinese." He nodded but when he looked back up at you his eyes were darker than before. He got rougher making you moan louder. His soft side disappeared in a moment and the way his body slammed into yours was so amazing. He raised your hands above your head and kissed you more. Your lips were swollen by the time he got to your neck and you were moaning his name out loud. "No no baby shhh." He put his fingers up to your lips and you took them into your mouth. Your fingers dug into his back and you hummed around his fingers. His groans mixed with your moans and he pulled his fingers back only to kiss you hard and furiously. The hand he had retrieved went to your leg and lifted it around him. "Oh my god you're so sexy." You said "I love you." He said between kisses. "I love you too." Those words couldn't be any more true. No matter what you had done, Yixing was the one that you loved. Junmyeon was just a drug. He was getting closer, the way he moaned against your skin and his movements becoming uneven. His hand came by your head and gripped the bed sheets. "Yi-xing." You muttered just before reaching your own release. "Fuck." He whispered against your skin. You gripped onto him tight, your fingernails in his back and your body jerking from the intense finish. He was still moving in you and his curse noted that he was closer than before. You kissed him during his final thrust inside you and you felt him come. He broke the kiss to pant against your lips. He said something else in Chinese but you didn't fully understand it. He laid on top of you and you ran your hand through his hair. He wrapped his arms around you, resting his head on your chest. He was out of you and you had fixed your panties back the right way. "Why have you been avoiding me? Did I do something?" He asked after a moment in silence. "Why do you always assume you've done something?" You asked. "The last thing I'd ever want to do is hurt you. I want to make sure I'm being good to you." Yixing answered. You took in a breath and blinked away tears that were trying to form. You ran your hand through your hair and just wrapped your arms around him and pulled him close to you. "You haven't done a thing. I'm sorry if it seems like I've been avoiding you." You said. "Come to lunch tomorrow baby, I miss you there." He was sleepy you could hear his voice getting lighter the more he spoke. You continued petting his head and whispered, "Okay." He was asleep by then. It was the next evening already and you were in the kitchen fixing dinner and waiting for him to get home. Junmyeon wasn't there, he hadn't been all day. He was getting busier at work you supposed. That or he was seeing some woman either way you didn't really care. You had been feeling sick lately though and you figured it had to do with what you had done with Junmyeon, just hearing his name in your head made you queasy. The memory of last night made you think about earlier before Junmyeon showed up though. If you recalled correctly both times Yixing hadn't worn a condom. Just because he came inside you didn't mean you were pregnant but it wasn't like the possibility was a stretch. A baby would be really bad right now though. Junmyeon wasn't staying for long but the fact of the matter was that he was around. What if you were pregnant? Would that piss him off that he'd hit you again? What if he said something to Yixing? It wasn't like you couldn't expose him either but if you didn't say something soon and you were pregnant it would be more than you in danger. All these thoughts were just adding more stress and making your stomach upset. You heard the front door open and thought it would was Yixing for about five seconds then realized with the smooth whistle that entered the room that it was Junmyeon. You turned around and damn it you were in the kitchen again. You couldn't have a repeat of what happened. He smiled at you and leaned against the table, his hands were in his pocket. For a moment, just looking at him you knew what had first attracted you to him. He was gorgeous but he was trouble and at this point you were amazed he hadn't caught a disease by now. "Yixing will be home soon." You said a warning to him. "Will he really? From what I've seen he's normally not back in the house until you're asleep." Junmyeon said. "He's coming home for dinner. He'll finish his work here tonight." "At your request?" He smiled. He made a move and you were already trying to get away. He only laughed at you, some how his mannerisms were too familiar, like those of your father's. The taunting laugh and the way he came up to you slowly. Your entire body screamed to get away but you couldn't move. When it came to your father, it was fear. When it came to Junmyeon, you had no idea what it was, maybe a mixture of fear and lust. It was the very reason you'd become addicted to him in the first place. You held up a finger towards him just a way of telling him to stay where he was. "Yixing is coming home." You said again. "Sounds like I should move faster baby girl." He teased. "No it means stay away. He is my husband." You said. "You know you keep saying that but your body doesn't agree." "Why can't you leave me alone? Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this to him?" "You're mine and I don't like that he's with you." "No, I'm not yours. I'm his." He stepped closer much faster and with violent intent. "Try and say that again baby girl. I will hurt you." He threatened. With him closer to you, you could smell alcohol on his breath. Was he drunk? He was moving just fine, you weren't sure what he was like when he was drunk. How did he get back to your place? "Come here." He said. He kissed your neck and you tensed up. You quickly pressed your lips together so that you wouldn't moan for him. He worked a little more at your neck and you were fighting back the temptation to fall under him. You kept chanting Yixing's name in your head. You could not do this again. You felt Junmyeon rub up against your leg making you inhale sharply. You looked down and tried to pull away from him again. "Let go." You said. "Please me first." He said. He came to kiss you and you turned away from him. He brought your hand to his crotch. You swallowed hard. "What if we had a baby?" You said quickly. This was the only distraction you could think of to get him off of you. Junmyeon looked up at you with pinched eyebrows. He looked annoyed and placed his hands on the counter. "What the Fuck are you taking about?" He said. "Would you still do all of this if me and Yixing were having a baby? Are you so delusional that even a child couldn't stop you from trying to take me?" You said upset. "Are you pregnant?" "No." You said quickly. You weren't sure actually. Junmyeon laughed, "You're not going to give him a baby. Don't try and play dangerous games Y/n." "How is it dangerous? I keep telling you he's my husband. I keep telling you I love him. It's natural that a married couple have children it's what they do." You shot back. "You think you're just going to settle down and be with Yixing? You don't even have the strength to resist me. This stupid little marriage of yours isn't going to last." "It's not stupid." "You are though." He said. He pushed you into the corner and kissed you hard. His hand coming to your neck and this time he squeezed hard enough to make you choke. You struggled under him and punched his chest. He gripped your hair and yanked your head back and planted little kisses on your neck. The door opened again and you both heard the jingle of keys. He looked back and you pushed him as hard as you could to get him off of you. You were breathing heavy. "Baby are you in the kitchen?" Yixing called out. "Y-yes jagi." You said. He walked in a few seconds later. Junmyeon said hi to him and Yixing smiled. He made his way to you and gave you a quick kiss. "Are you feeling better?" He asked. You nodded, you had left lunch early because you felt like throwing up. "You said you haven't been feeling well lately. Will you please go to the doctor?" Yixing said. "I don't think it's doctor worthy Yixing I'll be fine." You said. "Please, it would make me feel better if you got a check up or something." He said. You sighed and nodded, "I'll call the doctors office tomorrow, okay?" He kissed the top of your head, "Good girl, Junmyeon are you staying for dinner?" He asked. "Sure, I'd love to." Junmyeon answered. You tensed up a little and looked at Yixing, "I need to talk to you." You whispered. Yixing nodded and he excused the both of you. You hurried to your bedroom, passing Junmyeon without making eye contact. You needed to get him out of the house...
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lmfao omg poor phone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I really hope she tells him.. It'll only get harder the longer she waits ..
yes it will
AAAAAAAAhhh!!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.....SAVED BY THE BABE ❀❀❀❀
Yeah πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
please let me be able to tell him.