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Que tal peeps!

As promised here is chapter 3!




Part 1: Big Baby Jay

Jay picks up the pregnancy test and then…….. “It says not pregnant baby.” Jay said in a disappointed tone. You began dancing around and praising GOD. You were so happy and thankful for not being pregnant. You defiantly were not ready to be a mother. You knew one day you would want kids, but not right now when money was hot and there were deals to be made. Jay threw the test in the sink and walked to the bed. “Papi what’s wrong?” You asked in a confused tone. “You sure are freaking happy about the results.” He said in an annoyed tone. “Um—yeah you know we are not ready to be parents. You should be thankful.” You said while cleaning up the bathroom. “You think I am not good enough for you to have my child (y/n)?” Jay said while throwing on his clothes. “No one said Jay—you are acting like a girl—chill. We should celebrate.” You said from the bathroom. “Oh so you can get fucked by me but when shit gets real you wanna—you know what bye I will talk to you later.” Jay said while walking out the door. You grabbed him but he just stood there. He did not even try to look at you. “I said I will talk to you later (y/n). Let me go.” He said in a cold tone. You let go of Jay as you felt your heart drop. You had no idea what was going on with Jay. However, you did know when a guy said leave him be that is exactly what you. You were talking to Loco on the phone about the situation. You needed to know what the hell was going on. Loco said that he would sneak out and meet you at the local Korean BBQ restaurant for some lunch. You quickly got dressed and drove down to the location. Loco greeted you with a smile and brotherly hug. You really needed a hug after the shit that went down this morning. You both were seated and ordered something to drink. “Sis what the hell you do to Jay? He is acting shitty than usual.” Loco said. You explained the whole thing to Loco. Loco was very in tune to what you were saying. He looked like a therapist at the moment. “I have no idea what the problem is.” You said as the waiter served your ice waters. Loco and you ordered food quickly, so you all could talk. “Look Jay got a girl pregnant before and she aborted the baby. She said she did not want to have a child of a wanna be gangster. He was good to play around with, but no good enough to build a family with.” Loco said You almost choked on your water. “Why didn’t he tell me that? I had no idea Loco.” You tired not to cry. “Yeah it was tough for him. After that one trick he became cold to women and used them as toys.” Loco said. “Wow now everything makes sense.” You said. “Yeah we were surprised that he actually waned to be with you like for real. He swore off relationships for years. He must really love you—but you ain’t heard none of this shit from me.” Loco said. “You good bro. Thanks so much for looking out.” You said.

Part 2 Real Love

Notes: Music "Real Luv" by Far East Movement, Marshmello, Chanyeol, and Tinashe Jay made it home, but he was in his office. He did not come in until about 3 am. You could not sleep and you were upset that he did not even try to call you. You put on your robe and walked down stairs to his office. You knocked on the door and Jay told you to come in. He was pouring himself a glass of whisky. You sat down on the sofa in his office. The coldness of the brown leather that touches your skin matched the coldness of Jay. You never seen him like this before and was unsure on how to speak to him. “Baby we need to talk.” You said. “Talk about what? What is there to talk about?” Jay said while sitting down with his back towards you. “Look, I love you and I don’t like this side of you.” You said while turning his work chair around so he could face you. “Look you are not having my baby. Turn up.” He said blankly. “Look it has nothing to do with you Jay. I have been drinking and I would not want to be pregnant with our child due to my habits. Secondly, you know we have much to work on before we bring a life into this world baby.” You said in a calm tone. Jay was silent and looked away. “Baby you just don’t know how much I fucking love you! It pains me so much!” You began crying. Jay quickly put down his drink and held you. “Baby girl don’t cry. I never wanna see you cry.” He wiped away your tears. “I was wrong. I put my baggage on you. I understand everything and you are right.” He paused “You see this trick got an abortion like 5 years ago. She said I was not good enough to be a father to her child. When you were so happy—I had a flashback.” Jay said. “Baby, I would be honored to have your child when we are ready. That woman was wrong and fuck her. She is a memory that it Jay. What we have is real and that is what you need to remember.” You kissed him deeply. Jay pulled back your robe and noticed you had on underwear. “Why you got on underwear?” You laugh at him. “You would randomly ask that. I’m on my period, so no cookies for you.” “Shit—well get ready cuz you will be sore later this week.” Jay said while tickling you.

Part 3: WHO is this

Jay and I were super pumped about having this busy meeting with this group known as the Japanese Sharks in southern Japan. We were making a deal on a drug port off the coast there and buying up some land for some nice resorts by the beaches. The Sharks owned most of the territory in that area and were looking to make a business deal. I was happy that they accepted the invitation to meet us all at one your offices in South Korea. We were all in the meeting room after having a nice lunch ready to talk money. The deal was going very smoothly. When suddenly there was a loud commotion outside the office. I heard a woman yelling and security yelling back. Jay looked at me and I apologized for the noise. The Sharks looked very uneasy. Suddenly, this woman busted into the meeting room yelling. We all pulled out our guns on her. This was natural reflex for our kind. A normal person would put up their hands as a peace sign. This woman busted out laughing. “So Jay you just gonna let them out those guns on me? You need to teach your crew how to hold some respect around here.” She said in a slurred tone. “Who the fuck are you?” I said “Who the fuck are you bitch.” She said back. “Obviously, we are busy here. You need to get your addict ass out of here or I will blow a hole in your head bitch.” I said. “Jay tell your temporary bitch to chill the fuck out. Your real lady has arrived.” She blurted out. Security rushed in and took her away. I sat down super embarrassed and I rolled my eyes at Jay. He needed to get these crack hoes under control. I know he fucked with so many people before me, but that shit cannot interfere with getting this money. I apologized many times to the Shark Clan and offered them 2 bottles of our most expensive liquor. After the drama settled down we were able to get back to business and seal the deal. On the ride home I was quiet. I was pissed off. I was confused on what the hell happened in our meeting that day. Jay turned down the radio and placed his hand on my thigh. I ignored him and looked out the window. “Baby I am sorry about that shit. It will never happen again.” Jay said “Don’t make promises you cannot keep Jay. It is like your fucking past keeps coming back. Who the fuck was that bitch?” I said still looking out the window. “I know baby and I am working on it. She was this bitch I fucked with—Sunny. She was cool until she became an addict. She a snitch.” Jay said “Well the next time that snitch comes at me I am shooting that hoe.” I said We kissed and made up. "By the way baby, I love you." Jay said. "I love you more papi." I said smiling like a child. Instead of going to our home we were driving outside the city to a secret home. We were going to lay low and just relax for a couple of days. Jay pulled in and we went through the garage to get into the house. It was raining, but I did not mind the rain. We rushed into the house and Jay noticed some odd things. He told me to stay back while he checked out the house. I waited a while and then I heard a loud as noise. I quickly ran up the stairs. Jay must have heard me running and shouted at me to stay back and call our crew. I quickly dialed the number and said our password that meant basically get ya asses here shit about to go down and hung up the phone. Jay was struggling with someone. I couldn’t stand it so, I was about to open the door when someone pulled me away. My head slammed against the wall really hard and I yelled in pain. I looked up and saw a man with a knife. “If you move I will fucking cut your ass.” He said while looking at me.

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