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*Spoilers* Extremely adorable ending of ep. 9 Yuri on Ice!!! Who else fangirled like a psychopath?

The way they were desperately running to each other!!!! <3 Waaahhh!!! So kawaii!!
They're reunion hug <3 everyone's starring like ". . ." xD
This is so cute <3 Yuri is being so honest ^^ and look at those desperately determined eyes, with Viktor reflecting back from them ;) seriously though, the art for this show is unbelievably phenomenal *.*
>~< Waaahhh!!!! Viktor!!!! When you kiss his hand like that i totally forget he's a guy and that this is a sports anime and start thinking this is some modern day prince and the popper love story xD <3
Dude *.* (fangirling like crazy) *screech squealing like a mad man* Viktor, you wish it was a marriage proposal!. . . Ah, so do I actually =.= . . . Although this is nice too. . . <3
Look at that adorable suprised look on his face xD it says "Oh" so adorable <3 he's suprised and probably thinking "It kind of does . . ." <3
And then this smile right after its sunk in!!!!! He's thinking "That wouldn't be to bad. . .as long as it's Viktor." Look at this cut happy expression from such corny statement from Viktor <3 I don't understand how it's possible that there are people out there who don't ship this <3 This is just T_T so beautiful <3
They're back to warmly embracing each other ^^
AND THEN VIKTOR SAYS THIS!!!!! I swear every Vikturi shipper out there watching this had their heart squeeze and go *DOKI*. This moment made history for me <3 *fangirled super hard* Viktor is basically saying he wants to be with Yuri FOREVER!!! So KAWAII!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! GAH!!! I LOVE ANIME!! Anime always knows how to capture our hearts <3
Look it those tears!!! he's so overwhelmed with happiness that he starts to cry!! *Doki* Yuri is the cutest <3 I hope you enjoyed my card sorry for fangirling so much ^^ please share your "doki's" from this scene. hope your all having a great day ^^ @AnimeBolanes please share ^^ your tag name is the only one I remember ;P it's up to you now pass on the love xP
Wait, there are people who don't ship this? How is that possible? Have they not actually seen the anime? Just caught up, and I'm sure my face was bright red just now! I love them so much! 😍
Same!!! and there are people who just don't like yaoi ships like my friend Mary, if she had to ship one or the other she'd always choose girl on girl aka yuri instead of yaoi. She just doesn't like yaoi xD and then of course most guys are not going to watch this or ship it so. . . XD there are crazy people out there xD
OMFG I was screaming the whole episode xD my sister were annoyed by me wahahaha 😂😂😂😂
Literally just finished watching this ep. i thought when yuri grabbed victor's arm is was for a kiss.. but im.happy victor came back in the end. also, did u see the preview for ep 10!! yuri was blushing & victor was looking at him. whats gonna happen on this vacation?! >_<
Yeah this show is pretty exciting because everything is pretty unexpected xD for the most part anyway, I mean it's the first sports anime with this much yaoi content so it's pretty unpredictable. It will probably be something really cute and embarrassing >~<
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