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@krissilva75 i agree w u don't worry shin hye unnie is a great actress and our lmh oppa chemistry skills are just amazing just watch he will surprise uuuu and they will pull it of really well oppa will make us all love minshin and heirs will be a big hit 4 sure inshaallah :-)♥
@deniselane773 thanku u r really sweet 2 my family thinks the same my mother lectures me everyday lol saying when r u gnna grow up Haha i am like maaa they re worth it hehe i always tell her i love them soo much i can nvr let them go then my mom is like don't stick 2 them like glue lol i am like i wish i can HahaHaha love my oppas unnies and Korean craze addiction sooo much ;-)♥♥♥♥♥
I love PSH as an actress, but i too think she is plain looking compared to our oppa. But that's how i felt too with KHS in BOF and I ended up loving their chemistry. So i will reserve my judgement until i watch Heirs... I think oppa can pull it off. I also agree with you about Faith .. I didnt feel the chemistry at the start but it got better thru the end.
@sharjalpari9 what a sweet child you are :) thank you for your good family thinks I'm nuts but because I pay and take care of them all they put up with me LOL I love this site because I meet wonderful people like you who adore and love our LMH :)
@deniselane773 i wanna go 2 Korea 2 going 2 Korea is worth it ♥♥♥♥
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