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Ricky Martin Thursdays (TeenTop)

안녕하세요 친구!!

Welcome my lovely Angels and soon to be Angels. It's another Thursdays with Ricky!!!! Yay!! Now I have a you like your shoulders? Yas I know weird question but like, let's say you don't?. And it could be for various reasons but we can all agree that we ADMIRE men's shoulders right??? Well that's what we will be doing...admiring our lovely Ricky Martin's shoulders. ^_^ Idk why my phone autocorrect his single name. .so latin biased lol
Shhh....someone is walking in

Look at that!
Ahh don't be embarassed...
Ahhh too 퀴여 분!!
Oh My God!! He's so cute!! 😱😱
yes he is..and his dance moves are amazing!!
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