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i mean with the new amino apps and communities,,,,i think noone is rly on this app anymore....cuz tbh amino is kinda better THIS IS MY EDIT BTW PLS TELL ME UR OPINION OF THAT TOO^^^^^
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@im1the1shiteu My favorite color is red so maybe that's another reason I like it. Qlthough Amino is really colorful and I like that sometimes it's too much for me. I like that Vingle isn't that hectic.
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I've only joined a week ago and the views compared to content contribute to the community is a little of..I loved the idea of it..Does any similar apps?
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I am actually originally from the Amino app, but I really enjoy being on Vingle. I love both app/website communities, but I honestly think I like Vingle more. It was hard at first for me to get used to Vingle because of the colors, but now that I have, I really love it on here.
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I belong to both, but, I have a better grasp of Vingle and I like it better.
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