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Most patients who are Bipolar Eventually stop taking their medication Not because their doctor tells them But because they either don't like The side effects Or they believe they are better I can relate to the side effects reason But that's not why I stopped taking mine No, I stopped taking mine Because I believed that I was stronger That this illness had nothing on me And the medications had made me stronger I felt like I could take on the world With one hand tied behind my back Unfortunately, this feeling that I had Was just a side effect of the illness The exact opposite of what I was thinking It's very common, I read To feel stronger Than what you actually are
This may be just a matter of perspective. Try living as spirit and the way you look at medications change. The world can change your heart or your heart can change the world. God willing, He will lead us to the right path.
I so get that because I stop taking mine because of many reasons. many times I have stopped. I know I need them but being controlled to such a degree that it dampens your ability to react to life because you react to strongly seems like punishment. why do we have to be suppressed. why can't the world and its inhabitants just pep up. So we feel a bit more than statistical society. I refuse to be complacent. I d rather be this "freak" that I am then to be a drone or duplicate of the rest of them out there.