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13 Stages of Biasing πŸ€”

μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš” 친ꡬ!!

Hello lovely Vinglers I was just thinking of the stages of biasing and read a few ideas and list of others and have broken it down to these 12 (via memes) ^seriously me though..saving pics^

**This is strictly my opinion and to be funny**

What are your stages? *Edited bc I miss the most important stage*

Stage 1

The Ohh hi there. You're so cute. Who are you? -Is this your initial thought?

Stage 2

Awww oh my you're soo handsome & funny. Too precious -Perhaps this is your initial thought?

Stage 3

Aish, I like you so much -Do you like them right off the back or takes a few rewatching?

Stage 4

Yaa, I love you -I mean...already right?

Stage 5

Oh my, you're sexy too! So perfect ahhh. -lmbo, has this happen to you before?

Stage 6

The...oh God waitttt -The stage you know something is happening if it hasn't lol

Stage 7

The what are you doing... -Seriously you heart is beating so fast..what are they doing..sleep deprivation is real (couldn't choose a meme)

Stage 8

Estapppph -On a scale of Jimin to Suga...how serious are you for them to stop?

Stage 9

The how dare you -Testing my patience and my cheating with choco-abs.

Stage 10

\~_~/ Nervous breakdown -Waeeeeee... What's your nervous breakdown like?

Stage 11

I freaking hate you -_- -Maybe a two in one type of thing from don't like you to suffering bc my parents won't let me go to the concert

Stage 12

Finally the...you're beautiful but you ruined my boring lifeu...but you're beautiful -So honestly....how often does your bias list gets shaken? (Recently...everyday)

Stage 13

The beyond trashed -Are there any groups you are trashed for? I am for 4 groups hands down.

I really am...lol Do you agree?

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All I've passed all like it's done everything is done I'm trash man
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I'm on stage 10 for he who must not be named 😦😦 12 for the other 2 ...
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do you have trash level? πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
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yaaas you added it. hahahahaha im trashx1000
9 months ago
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Love this, so real!
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