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Okay, so where I live at it'll be 3 AM when they show the live Red Carpet at the MAMA Awards. Idk if I want to be up that early, but I might watch it anyway so I don't miss anything! I'm so excited to be able to watch the show LIVE for the first time!!!! Even though the time is bizarre 😆 I can't wait to see the performances and I hope we see some great collaborations! And last I checked, it looks like EXO will be taking 4 awards! But idk if the votes all have really been tallied or really how it works. I'm just excited!!!!

Who are you guys excited to see?!?!?!

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I wanna see it but is it gonna be streamers live on the mama website? plus idk when it starts for me, first time watching mama tbh
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You're welcome!!!!