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I will be starting a countdown to christmas story.
This is a Taehyung fanfiction, which will be updated everyday until Christmas.
You have been dating your boyfriend, Taehyung, for about 4 years now; and will be spending everyday until Christmas together.
Day 1/25
Today is the first day of december and I am so excited to be spending everyday with Taehyung until Christmas. He is coming over today, and we are just going to be laying down in bed and cuddling, or at least that's the plan. I was in the middle of putting my makeup on when the doorbell rang. I jumped and my eyeliner was smudged all over. I groaned and walked up to the door, covering my eye.
"Hey (y/n) I decided to get here early, and I brought you some flowers. Specifically Poinsettias." He gave me his signature box smile. I peeled my hand from my face and grabbed the flowers he was handing me.
"Woah! What happened to your face!" He said laughing and following me in.
"The doorbell scared me and it messed my eyeliner up."
"Or is that your don't have a steady hand?" He asked already knowing the answer.
"My hand is perfectly steady." I said back.
"Oh really?"
"Fine- maybe its not the most steady hand of all." I said placing the Poinsettias on the counter next to the sink.
"Why do you even have to wear makeup? We're not going anywhere, and you look perfectly fine without makeup too."
I blushed and covered my cheeks.
"We've been together for 4 years, I'd think you're used to me teasing you." He said while holding my hand. Rubbing his thumb in circles.
"You're just too cute." He ruffled my hair.
"Let's go lay down." I said eager to get to my bed. He quickly pulled me to my bedroom, pinning me. It all happened so fast I didn't realize he was on top of me until now.
"Is this what you meant?" He said looking me in the eyes. I flipped him over, so I was on top.
"Maybe, but let's just lay down, like we agreed on." I then rolled off him and curled under the blankets. But in the corner of my eye I saw white flakes from outside. I stood up immediately and ran to the window.
"Taehyung, it's snowing!" I said excitedly while pointing outside.
"Really?!" He ran up quickly and put his nose on the window.
"Let's go outside!" He gripped my hand tightly and dragged me outside. We quickly slipped on our shoes and stepped in the small puddles of melted snow. I gripped the sides of my arms with my hands shivering. But what I didn't see coming was a snowball to the face. I fell flat on my butt holding my face.
"I'm so sorry babe, I didn't mean to throw it at your face." He cupped my cheeks and right before he was about to lean in I grabbed the small snow ball and pushed it to his face. I quickly stood up and ran away to the backyard hiding behind the tree trunk. It was a pretty thick tree, so I wasn't found so easily. I grabbed a handful of snow preparing to throw it at him. I peeked around the tree, but was soon pushed into the thin layer of snow. Taehyung on top of me with a cute grin on his face.
"Taehyung, I'm starting to get cold." He nodded and pulled me up. But my knees were weak, so I fell right back into the snow.
"Tae Tae, you have to carry me inside." I said in a cutesy voice.
"Alright, anything for my little princess." He turned his back towards me and I put my arms around his shoulders and jumped up. We both went inside and changed into comfy pajamas and made hot chocolate.
"How much marshmallows do you want (y/n)?"
"I want a lot." I said. I felt something soft hit my head, and I looked at the floor. Taehyung threw a marshmallow at me. I picked it up and threw it back at him, hiding behind the couch.
"Kim Taehyung! The hot chocolate will get cold if we keep playing around."
"I know another way to heat you up."
"The fireplace, we should light a fire." I said as I started walking towards the kitchen for old newspapers. I put the newspapers in the fireplace and lit the fire. Taehyung cam around the corner with the two mugs. I squealed excitedly and took a sip.
"Hey that was mine!" Taehyung started to pout.
"How did I know?"
"Because it had more marshmallows in it." I sighed in defeat and took my mug and sat on the couch, admiring the fire. We both shared a sweet kiss, on the first day of December.
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