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Hello! lol I'm updating a little bit early in posting today. Its a short little bit after dinner. I did it in Keri's view time since the whole dinner was in Yoongi's!
Keri's view*** That felt like a show at Mel's house, or just any holiday I ever go over there. They both scored the same amount of drama. I felt bad for Yoongi since he didn't know how dramatic Mel's family could be. "Do you want to stay over tonight?' I asked him when the car arrived at my house. "Baby I wish I could say yes but I should spend the night at my dorm. I have to get up extra early for practice tomorrow" Yoongi said. "Ah okay.  Tonight didn't scare you away did it? I know Appa mentioned some unnecessary things about us tonight" I was a little worried about that. Yoongi chuckled. "No baby, not scared off" he said as he got out of the car. I followed and he walked me to my door. At the door he turned me and put his hands on my hips. "I do have something to tell you though" he sounded serious. "Uh oh. What is it? Should I be worried?" I asked, jokingly. "Its good news. I found out today actually" he said. "Okay just say it, the suspense is killer" I chuckled. "We have a couple concerts coming up soon" he said. I couldn't help but smile and squeal. I hugged him and jumped up and down excited for him. "That's amazing news!" I said. "Yes, it is." He chuckled. "Wait are they local shows or are you traveling?" I pulled back to look at him. "I little bit. I'll be busy during the next couple weeks" he said. "I should be sad I don't get to spend time with you-" "You can always call me" he pointed out. "That is true." I nodded. "I want you to come to the first concert" he stated. "What? Really?" I was shocked. Why would we want me there? I'd be one face in a crowd cheering for him. He wouldn't notice. "Yes! You've never been to a concert before. I thought you could experience your first concert seeing me on stage" he said. "Awe" oh the noise came out and I could not help feeling touched at the sentement. It wasn't just one of his performances and wanting to show off. "After we can meet up for dinner. The guys will probably want to join in" he added. "I'm game for that" I nodded. "You should probably head out so you can go sleep" I told him even as I still held onto him. It made him laugh. "I'll get right on that" he said. It took a few more minutes before he actually did leave. After he left I went inside. All of that drama still in my head, I had fuel for a fight and was going yk use it in my book. Granted not like tonights events. Just the feelings used for a situation between characters in my book. I stayed up all night writing. When my alarm went off at 5 a.m I was shocked the time had gone  by so fast. I sent a text to Yoongi telling him good luck and I was going to sleep now. He wrote back he was just getting up for the day. Several days went by. Yoongi was busy practicing for his concerts and I was busy writing. He had brought me tickets for his show so I had them ready to go.
hehe. I said it was short. I know it's more a filler plus inputting a little bit of info for later on. ooo a concert. I'm gonna be excites for that scene lol fan griling while I write. lol.
😂isn't that when they were "flirting" in Japanese
Haha it was!!!
I can't stop laughing at that last pic tho!
lol I couldn't stop laughing either. lol I don't know what he was thinking but I wish he had the orange hair with that and do 'Fire' 😂😂