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I like Kris. He's extremely, EXTREMELY attractive, well I find him extremely attractive. On a personal level, it don't matter what he does, just watching him gives me pure joy. I don't know about others. Watching his interviews, I get the sense that he misses being with EXO but he's been on his own for so long now that it would be too awkward to go back now. Here's some videos and some photos.

Solo Dance video

Born November 6, 1990, (Scorpion, Year of the horse) in Guangzhou, China. He stands at an amazing 6'2" (Wow). His birth name is Li Jiaheng (it was changed to Wu Yifan later on by his mother for reasons unknown). He has 10 movies under his belt, four of which have yet to be released in 2017.
50 Questions with Kris Wu
Kris Wu - xXx Return of Xander Cage interview
Goes home to teach a kindergarten class for a day.
In the movie Mr. Six, he plays a bad guy. I think that's why he liked this role so much. Mr. Six