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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok What: Semi fluff, smut, I don't really know TBH. Story:N/A
You slid down on the couch from the back, your head and shoulders meeting the seat next to Simon. He was looking over music and he had a pad in his hand. The sunlight poking through your curtains lit up the room so well it felt so sweet and romantic. That was the point of the music video at least. You two had been at this for a few hours now. The music played, his rap came on and you were pretending to be the clingy girlfriend. Not really clingy but Simon's rap was all about how he was distracted by work and not paying attention to his girl. He knew how much she wanted him to hug her and love and be like how they used to be when they started out but he let her go. He ignored her and dove into work and she'd try to keep things alive, the romance, the happiness, she was trying to find a reason to stay but he wasn't giving her much of one. He was writing endless loves songs and going on shows talking about his love but the girl he claimed to love he was letting slip away. This song was written two months into you two dating and you never really took it seriously as if it were a song about you two, mainly because your relationship wasn't even public yet. In fact, if you could help it, Jay and Hyun Jung were the only ones that knew about you and Kiseok, seeing each other in secret. You would've killed to keep it just between you two but Jay and Hoody seemed perfectly capable of keeping a secret. You two had kept your relationship a secret because you were a dancer and you appeared a lot in AOMG music videos sometimes as a love interest, sometimes as the background friend having fun with all the guys and girls at a party. You had also been in a photoshoot with Simon and Jay. You really didn't want anyone thinking that your relationship was getting you these opportunities in fact a few times you considered breaking things off. It was more of a pride thing than anything else. You liked him though it was really the only thing that out beat your pride and made you stay. The music continued to play and you two had already finished the scenes when the romance was fresh and he had his hands all over you. When he'd kiss your nose, and you two had a pillow fight. He had his arms around you and you'd lay in his lap and sleep and he'd pet your hair and when you woke up next to him in bed happy to see his sleepy face. You were on the scenes where the relationship wasn't new any more. You were poking Simon to get his attention and he was shooing you away. You tried to kiss his cheek and he'd kind of blow you off. Now you were dancing around the house hoping to get his attention and he put his head phones in to drown you out. You put on a pout face and turned away only to go answer the door. Gray walked in greeting you with a hug and you motioned towards Simon. Gray and Simon start talking about his music and you're forced to just watch them talk amongst themselves. Gray does eventually come to you to talk to you, making you happy. It catches Simon's attention for only a second. The director ends up calling cut and the music stops. Simon gets up to go review the footage and Gray comes over to you to give you a hug. "You did good." he said. "Thank you oppa." you smiled. He patted your had making you scrunch your nose with a smile on. You liked having your head patted, you couldn't explain why but you liked it. Gray walked over to Kiseok and you followed looking at the footage with a smile. You all finally had it right, you could only imagine how all of this would look once it was done. The director had everyone move to the next location and you and Kiseok kept away from each other so as to not look like you were a couple. You hung out with the make up artists and talked to them in the van as you guys headed over to the bridge. You guys had already done the fight scene, you weren't sure why the director had you do that scene first perhaps it had something to do with all the angles they had to shoot so it was the hardest one to film. Kiseok had done all his parts where he was rapping, this was really the last scene to film. It was cold out yet your costume still called for Jean shorts, a jacket you'd eventually give back to Simon and a crop top. Your short light brown hair was done in waves and you wore a choker necklace. Everyone got into place and Simon was the epitome of professional. You both were set and ready to go. The sun was in the perfect position and you waited to hear the director yell, "Action!" You stood at the bridge, looking out at the water, sad. Simon was walking over to you, "Why did you want to meet me here?" he said. You looked at the water still and sighed, "Yah! Don't you understand I have work to do? What did you call me out here for?" You turned to him, "I'm not able to do this anymore." you said. You slid off your jacket and handed it to him. You smiled and nodded, "I hope you're successful but this is where we end. Goodbye." You slightly bowed and walked away from Simon and he should've looked down at the jacket as you walked away. It was his jacket that he let you borrow but you never gave back. You had a tear roll down your face as you walked away from him and just when he was about to run after you Gray showed up in front of you. It stopped Simon in his tracks and you hugged Gray still upset at the break up. Gray kissed the top of your head and he looked back at Simon. Simon then thought back to all the times he'd ignored you. Once it was edited it would be all the scenes of you and Gray talking to each other and him giving you comfort. More obviously Gray making a move and inching Simon out of your heart ultimately leading to this break up. Simon gets that look of realization on his face and Gray walks you away from him where Simon finally realizes it's over and his best friend is going out with his girlfriend or rather his ex girlfriend. You had to run through the scene about two more times before the director released everyone. You all headed back to the studio and you packed your bags to get ready to leave when Gray came up to you again to talk to you. He whispered in your ear and you laughed but then put a finger over your mouth. He patted your back and told you he'd see you later and you waved goodbye. You hadn't seen Kiseok since you'd gotten back to the studio and you weren't going to waste any time looking for him. You were hungry and ready for bed, you guys had been up early this morning filming you needed rest and your bed was calling you from half way across the city. Then again Kiseok did live closer. Nah, you shook your head. He'd keep you up all night plus you two had spent the night together two days ago. You thought about all of this as you passed by Simon's changing room and then heard his door open up. Kiseok grabbed your arm and quickly pulled you into his room and locked the door behind him. He pushed you up against the wall and lifted you onto his waist. His movements were fast and his eyes said he was pissed. He kissed you hard, his teeth nipping at your bottom lip before he pulled away to grant you a breath. "What's going on with you and Gray?" he asked. You looked at him confused, "What?" "You two are awfully friendly." he said. "Um have you been playing your character too long, there's nothing going on between me and Gray. Besides you haven't been ignoring me much so it's not like I have a need to replace you or anything." you teased. "I wouldn't replace you Y/N. I wouldn't ignore you. I like you a lot." he said. You hummed satisfied at his confession but a part of you had made you speak against him. You framed his face with your hands and pecked his lips before you said, "One day that'll change." "No, I want you stay. Ill keep you around just don't let anyone else take you from me okay baby?" You looked at him a nodded. He lowered you slightly so he could capture your lips better and then he set you down on the ground. He pulled you over the mirror and made you face it. His hands roamed around your butt and thighs while he kissed the back of your neck and shoulders. He looked at you from within the mirror and you could see his lust for you in his dark eyes. His soft irresistible lips running against your skin had you releasing small moans to the point you bit your lips to keep quiet but that only stirred him more. He unbuttoned your pants and pulled them down with your panties, you stepped out of them kicking them to the side and he parted your legs. He appeared just between your legs his lips lightly toughing your clit and you looked down at him. "Pay attention baby, I'm gonna make you feel real good." he said. He lightly kissed your clit making you bite your lips again. He lightly kissed it again, then again slowly, with each kiss he added his tongue swiping short little licks against your sensitive nub. Your hand came down to the back of his head trying to encourage him to give you more without having to say anything even you knew to keep as quiet as possible. His lips latched onto your clit sucking and making your hips go back. He placed his hands on your hips forcing you back to his mouth. His tongue made delicious circles that threatened to make you scream. Your toes curled at the sensation while trying to keep your balance. Kiseok sat up higher flattening his tongue and licking across your folds long and teasingly. You had gripped onto his hair tight, your eyes closed shut trying to keep control over yourself. His thumbs pushed apart your folds and his tongue wandered from your clit to your entrance. You could hear him chuckle at the fact that you had already tightened up a bit at the anticipation of his tongue. The tip of his tongue circled around your rim and you pressed your lips together to cover the moan. You felt him push inside of you with his tongue, moving like a lizard in and out of you tasting you fully. He pushed two fingers inside of you twisting them around while his tongue came back to your clit to lick and suck. "Fuuck." you said lowly while you gripped the desk. He hummed on your clit making you buck into his face hard. You rode his tongue still feeling his fingers hit spots you didn't even know could feel so amazing. He stood up making you whine for a second at the loss of his tongue and fingering combination but his fingers continued their work curling inside of you and moving faster while he kissed you. You could taste yourself on him. It was so hot kissing him after he went down on you or even the reverse when he'd kiss you so passionately after going down on him for a while. His kiss made almost anything worth it. "Take off your shirt." he demanded. You nodded as he removed his fingers from you and walked behind you. You took off your shirt, you heard his pants being unzipped and he had already tossed his shirt to the side. Hot damn, you just wanted to go eat and now he was going to fuck you so good you probably wouldn't want to eat after this and just want the bed. Then again this was Kiseok you were talking about, he'd get you some food. You watched him lick his fingers clean of you and then laid his hand to your back and pushed you over. He placed your hands on the desk and hovered over you, his lips coming by your ear. He moved his hand to your hair and pulled your head back a little so you could look at him in the mirror. "Watch me fuck you baby." he whispered in your ear in a feral tone. You felt a twist in your stomach, you were so turned on. He moved his hand back to adjust himself and then both his hands met your hips as he started to ram into you without giving you a second to adjust. You looked at him in the mirror looking back at you with hungry eyes. The way he licked his lips had you pushing back into him as soon as he was ramming into you. "Shit." you cried out letting your head fall for a second before you threw it back in pleasure again. "Shh baby." he said. He moved faster fucking you harder than before. His hand came around to your bra pushing it up so he could play with your breast. You moaned his name loud. He grabbed your neck so he could place kisses on it. His tongue trailed up the side while his hand slapped your ass. "Damn it baby you look so good." he said in your ear. "Kiseok-ah." "So close baby." he said. His hand came to your clit and started making circles. His fingers worked fast and he hit hard and with more purpose. His eyes capturing every little motion you made in the mirror. You squeezed the desk and pushed back into him to feel him more. You moaned feeling him deeper than before. "Fuck, Kiseok. Make me cum." you whined while gripping the desk harder ready to break the damn thing. He nodded, He lifted your leg up and rammed into you faster. You ran your hand through your hair trying not to scream, your moans were load though, you two would never make it out of the building without someone knowing what you had done. "Shit, shit, oh my god." "Come on Y/N." he encouraged. "Fuck I'm coming." you practically screamed. Your body twitched as you stood still and wrapped your arm behind you to hold onto Kiseok. You were still letting out curses and taking in sharp breaths. He pulled out of you and you turned around to get on your knees. You took him in your hand without hesitation and you kissed his tip, your tongue flicked back and forth teasing him. He took in a breath and placed his hand behind your head and thrusted into your mouth. He moved back and forth, the wet sound of your tongue cradling him filled your ears. Then came his groans, "Fuck baby." he said. His other hand came to your face and with both hands to your head he fucked your mouth. You could feel him twitch inside making you suck on him a little harder. He kept you down for a moment before he let you come up for air. You coughed and then opened your mouth knowing this wouldn't be over until he'd cum as well. He held you down again and let you go. Your hand came up to rub him when he said, "Shit I'm so ready baby." You sucked on his head while your hand worked him. You took him deeper into your mouth unexpectedly and you heard him curse again before he released inside your mouth. You did your best to swallow quickly and he came down and crashed his lips onto yours again. See, worth it. His tongue explored your mouth dominating over you till neither one of you had a breath to give. He pulled away breathing heavily; he brushed your hair back behind your ear. "Did I hurt you?" he asked. "No, that was awesome." you smiled at him. He kissed you softer this time. "I'm hungry though so let's get something to eat." you said. You stood up collecting your clothes and he did too. "Y/n would you still see me if people found out about us?" he asked. You sighed, "They probably already know about us from how loud I was. Anyway, I'd prefer this to be a secret longer but if it's out now,there's nothing I can do about it. It would seem that I actually like you." you said. He came up behind you and wrapped his arm around your shoulders and kissed your cheek, "I like you too." he said. Those words were imprinted in your mind. When he told you he would keep you, that he liked and even when he was jealous of Gray, some how his 'like' wasn't strong enough to hold onto you when the public got wind of your relationship. You two lasted for two months after AOMG and you made it public but it wasn't even you that ended things. You, who didn't like attention on your private life to begin with; you, who didn't want anyone to know you two were seeing each other and told Kiseok you wanted it to be a secret. You didn't end it. He did. The reason why was never revealed to you and now you were simply looking at a text message he'd sent you after forty one days of your last text message. You two stayed friends some what and you and Gray got closer and you chilled more with Jay and Hoody. You only really dealt with Kiseok when you had to but you held no grudge. Forty one days ago he sent you: I love you baby. Two days after that he ended things. Now, you were looking at his text message: Foody: I want you back. And your thumb hovering over the send button to a response text that said...
another chapter for 50 shades of Simon Dominic xD
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