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■□■ [BT] Bring On The Bingu ■□■
Hello and what's up guys it's Thursday again meaning it's time for ...


that's right your favorite "Where's Wally" team is back and here to spread the bingu ..

but how are we going to do that?

TOP: Easy....just watch im a professional ~~

TOP: like this..."AHHHHHHHH" (^__^) ...

TOP: I've made contact *whispers*... now we just next to close in ...

TOP: now we just gotta ...firmly grasp it

TOP: I said firmly ~~ there we go

TOP: now that we've caught you...it's time for some training ..


work it work it ~~

More Bingu ~~

TOP: There you go Daesungie~~ Now that we've expanded our team ....it'll be easier to spread the bingu

Who should be next?

Something tell me capturing our next "bingu" won't be so hard lol

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