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Who's your Boys republic Bias?

How is this a Question of yours it's the one and only Minsu!
Minsu: Hey Girl what's up? Me:O//////O he's looking at me.
Minsu: Say Hi back. Me: *Waves uncontrollably like an idiot*
Minsu: So I'm your Bias huh? Me: Yes because you're so beautiful Minnie!
Minsu: Hm Yeah I know. Who could resist a face like mine? Me: Oppa! You're gonna make me faint!
Minsu: Don't faint! Look here's aegyo! Me: Minsu-ah! That doesn't help! ^'O/////O'^
And that ladies and gentlemen is why Minsu is my bias. Because he drives me freaking insane My heart! ❤❤❤❤❤
Oh my I loved your card! Thanks for participating 😆
lol Thank you 😁😁
Ah, I can't choose a bias
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*whispers* Choose Minsu he's amazing lol