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So I just got this beautiful T shirt in the mail today and it came with this tiny, but also really HUGE surprise!!!!! I ordered this off of amazon and it is so pretty!!!!! Here are some photos ⤵️⤵️⤵️
The designs in the numbers are soooo pretty!!!!!! Would you guys like for me to post a picture of myself wearing the shirt when I wear it for the first time?! I know bizarre question, but whatever lol.

And this is what got me screaming when I opened the package!

The person(s) who sent me the shirt also sent me these photo cards of my UB, the beautiful pink princess because of the delay in the mailing process 😍!!!!! I was so happy that I almost cried!!! I ran to my room screaming!!!
Like are you kidding me right now?! 😅😭
My feels!!!!! 😵
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Congratulations! They are really nice cards. 😊