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Que tal peeps!

This is the next chapter. I had to get on it since @MaelstromVIP got on me lol! Thanks for the support.



Part 1: Bang Bang Bang

My head slammed against the wall really hard and I yelled in pain. I looked up and saw a man with a knife. “If you move I will fucking cut your ass.” He said while looking at me. I stood still and then that bitch Sunny from earlier came walking down the hall yelling. She had on some dirty white fur coat. She has one a cheap looking blonde wig. Then she had the nerve to have on my diamonds. “Yasss bitch do what you are told like a good bitch. I told yall to show some respect and this is what yall get! Jay Park is mine bitch and he owes me!” Sunny said while grinning and walking into the room where Jay was still fighting. I could not take this. Besides this fuck boy with the knife had no idea I still had a gun on me. I moved and he quickly came at me. I pushed him on the wall and he retreated and slammed me on the floor. He raised the knife to stab me in my stomach. I quickly grabbed the kife and flipped it and stabbed him in his stomach. He feel to the floor screaming like a bitch. “Bitch you stabbed me!” He yelled. I dug the knife deeper and twisted as I yanked it out. He screamed in pain. I was mentally in another world and I did not give any fucks about his life. It was mine or his. I busted in the door and saw Jay fighting this big dude. Sunny was taking jabs at Jay too. “I told you bitch to stay in your place!” She yelled while walking towards me. I pulled out my gun and pulled the tigger. The bullet went right through her head. Blood splattered everywhere. I was surprised how much I missed seeing brains splattered on the walls. I began blanking out. Suddenly, I was brought back to reality by 2 loud shot sounds. I looked up and Jay had shot the big guy he was fighting. A shot to the chest and then the head. We heard shots downstairs and then some of our crew came upstairs. “Bro, what the fuck?” Simon Dominic said. “What took yall so fucking long?” Jay asked. “We had to clean up downstairs. Your whole place was surrounded. What the hell happened?” Simon said. “That bitch Sunny did this. She said Jay owed her.” I said while kicking her dead body. Jay walked over to me and kissed my forehead. “Baby I am so sorry you had to experience this.” “Ah this was nothing papi.” I said while kissing him on the lips. He ripped off a piece of material from his shirt and wrapped it around my hand. I was so high off adrenaline that I did not notice I had a cut from grabbing that knife. “We need to clean up this mess boss.” A young guy said. I had no idea he even entered the room. “I have a crew for that.” I said as I dialed them on my phone. “We out Jay. This is no place to stay low at—at least until we find out what this shit is really about. Sunny is too dumb to set up something like this.” Simon said. “Yeah, I was thinking the same bro—investigate.” Jay said

Part 2: Sextrip

After all that crazy shit Jay and I took a quick flight on our private jet. I guess it was a good investment. We went to New York. We checked into a fancy high security hotel. As soon as we arrived in our room I quickly ran into the bedroom and threw myself on the huge King size bed. It felt so good. Jay joined me and ran his hand up my thigh and kissed me. “Ah that shit was crazy. My baby coming in like a trooper.” Jay said while nuzzling my neck. I kissed him on the lips. “Papi you know I am bout that life. No one comes for me and mine and lives.” “Can I be real with you?” Jay said while looking at me. “Yes baby. What is on your mind?” I say while sitting up. Jay grabbed my hand a stroked my knuckles. “Sunny was that hoe I was telling you about.” “Baby I knew—I knew.” I smiled and then playfully hit him with a pillow. “I think it is time for some bubble bath fun.” I winked and walked out the bedroom. The bathroom was even more elegant than the bedroom. You could tell this room was made just for fucking or some wild ass party. I turned on the water. I added some lavender oil and some cashmere scented bubble bath. Then I took of my clothes and found a robe to put on. I removed my makeup and washed off the dried blood from my hands. I couldn’t believe that we just got out from a shootout and now we are away relaxing. Jay and I were for each other and I knew this. Every King needs his Queen and we are building our empire. I added a bath bomb to the bath water and allowed the water to run. It was beautiful watching this pink bath bomb change the color of the water. Suddenly, I could hear some soothing R&B music playing. I laughed to myself. Jay is always playing baby making music. I begin to daydream about our future when I felt a soft kiss on my cheek. Jay smiled and handed me a glass of champagne. “You deserve this baby.” He said “So do you papi.” I turned off the water. “Bath time!” Jay sat down his drink and stripped right in front of me. He knew I was looking at him. He took his time teasing me. My eyes gazing upon his abs, strong arms, that ass, and those sexy ass tattoos. I found myself licking my lips. Jay chuckled and slowly got into the tub. He leaned back and grabbed his drink while looking at me. I sat down my half full glass and took off my robe. The soft material hit the floor reveling my curvy body and full breasts. I was so happy I had that laser hair removal down there. Jay could see my directly my treasure box that he only had the key to. He did not hesitate to lick his lips. I heard a slight moan leave his lips. “Get ya sexy ass in here baby!” He said. I quickly got in the tub. The water felt so good. I sat in between Jay’s lap. I could feel his manhood stiffen up against my back. Jay and I was laughing and talking about the look on my face when I first seen Sunny. I leaned back and began stroking his knee. Jay began rubbing on my outer thighs and then kissing softly on my neck. I bit my lip softly and he allowed his other hand to play with my left breast. I gasped and grabbed his other hand and began sucking on his finger. I could hear Jay groan. He quickly removed his finger out my mouth and began rubbing my nub. I threw my head back and moaned. Suddenly, I moved away and asked Jay to stand up. He did as I asked. I licked my lips and began kissing all over his tip. Then lightly sucking on it. “Baby, don’t be so mean.” Jay moaned. I pulled him slowly deeper into my mouth and moving my head back and forth. Jay grabbed my hair and pulled it back. Then I began picking up pace and sucking him hard making loud noises and the water splashed. Jay was groaning loudly as he looked down at me. "Shit baby I’m about to come.” He groaned as he released his man liquid in mouth. I could feel it dripping down my throat and I continued to suck him causing him to shake. He quickly got out the tub and lifted me on his back. He carried me into the bedroom. He threw me on the bed. “Show your papi what is his only.” He said while stepping back looking at my nude wet body. I open my legs wide exposing my treasure box. He licks his lips and pounces right between my legs. He began sucking on my numb and plunging his fingers deep inside me. I could hear the wet noises as I scream in pleasure. It felt so good and he was hitting my sweet spots. I grab his hair asking him to allow me to come. He lifted his head while still fingering me. Suddenly I felt a gush of liquid leave my body as a squirt everywhere. Jay grins at me. “Ah my baby must love this?” He says. “Yes, papi you are so good to me.” I say while still coming off my high. He leaned in a kissed my ear. “What does my baby want?” “I want you inside me—deep papi.” I moan. Jay slips inside me and my body adjusts to his length and width. He felt so good. He began slowly but still plunging deep inside me. He moans about how tight I was and that turns me on so much. I love it when he says that to me. He rolls over and tells me to ride him. I quickly climb up on my throne to have a seat. I bounce and rock on him. It felt so good as Jay slapped my right breast and rubbed on nub as I rode him. The bed was squeaking and rocking to our perfect performance. Jay was moaning loudly as I took all of him. I knew he was about to explode and I was about to come again too. I leaned in and deeply kissed him as I felt my orgasm coming on strong. Suddenly I felt his member twitch inside me. He quickly pulled out and allowed his white gold to drip all over my chest. After we went for a few more rounds we lay in bed and snuggled each other. “Baby I know you were made for me.” Jay said. “I feel the same about you Jay.” I said. “Ah you slayed this dick just like you slayed those bitches back home baby.” Jay said while kissing me. “Papi—I won’t be able to walk for a week.” I said while laughing. Suddenly, my phone rang. I looked at it and Jay told me it was okay to answer it. It was one of my main amgias who is second in command calling me. Jay walked out the bedroom to grab a snack. “Hey BB, what’s the deal?” I said. “I know you and Jay are fucking and shit—but I got some important stuff about what happened. I was able to access some stuff from my hubby Ji-Yong.” BB said. “Um—I know you are married to GD. Besides Jay and I make love chica.” I laughed. “Fucking—love making—you getting that beef.” BB laugh. “But all games aside this is some real ish and you need to tell Jay and his squad.” I grabbed my rob and sat down in the chair across from the bed. “Okay—lets spill the tea.” “Well it looks like—

jajajajajaja Dang what will happen next?!

Ride Or Die Peeps



baiahahhahahahahahahahaha hold up hold up... let me collect myself.... "i know you and jay are fucking" that shit got me rollinggggg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
lol ...i tried but it got deleted. so...imma have to do a do over
dammit Unni! Again with the cliffy it the wrong spot. and to be really honest I'm not surprised in the least the BB-Unni is in this and married to GD. don't blame her thou. Go get your man Unni. Now if I was in it, if you know me by now you should know who I would be married to. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!! This cliffhanger though?!?!?!? I. Hate. You. And by hate, I mean love. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
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