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Hey y'all it's girl Cindy logging back on with the Media Monster Squad! Ayyyeee! So no better way to starting off the week then celebrating it with the ladies. Who run this "KHH" realm? Duh girls! so I got a playlist starring the ladies of the Korean hip-hop world who songs I Found awesome. Like the title say these songs got that bass in it. Okay, so let's get this party started *rolls up sleeves*

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Jessi - Ssenunni Yo! The choreography in this video made me want to learn the dance! Oh and it was all about the bass in this song. Just like she said in the song " They flow sick, but my flow better". So true her flow is hella sick!
Cheetah - My Number Aye! This song hot! When it came on it hooked me from the beginning to the end. Turn down for what? Ya know what I mean!
Grace - I'm Fine I really Like the energy, color and vibe this song has! This makes me feel good, like I'm fine I don't need you.
Gilme - Success (Don't kill my vibe) This song don't got to much bass, but I really lime the words she speaking. It kinda motivates me to do better!
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