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안녕하세요 친구!!

Welcome lovely Melodies and soon to be Melodies to another Thursday with your BTOB mod supporter 이솔다. Today I kinda wanted to do a different Thursday for my member. I decided to go with a SSG but with a twist. Since I was in charge of doing our lovely Chi Town Peniel Bae the one who gets the most Peniels will get a lovely spam via me. But you must post you're results and no cheating...the time stamp must be seen as well. I'm watching yall -_- May be a bit lengthy..but it's a game
Christmas readiness...he's telling everyone what to do
As you all set out to gather items..he gets lost straight away
Takes the opportunity and claims to be your man
Gets captured by curfew police because they stopped to pet a cat
Once home, he hides the Christmas goodies from the others
As bottles start popping, he's the first one to get hot chocolate wasted
Second to get hot chocolate wasted
Doesn't make it back home until 3 hours later
Runs around the room singing "A Winter's Tale"
Goes after him
Got up to bring both down but ends up joining the two (can't be the same ones)
Just escapes the chaos with you for some coffee
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This is so cute Sol! I can't wait to play!