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So I've been trying to organize exactly what shows are coming out this month and their release date. I'm super excited about some of these and figured if I'm doing it I'll form a little reminder to myself and others about when kdramas come out! I'm sure I don't have all of them but these were some that really stood out!
Goblin Comes out December 2nd can watch on Drama fever
7 first kisses Coming out December 5th I'm assuming somewhere on YouTube KBS or v live you can watch this webdrama!
Hwarang: The Beginning featuring Taehyung from bts comes out December 19th can watch on dramafever
How Are you Bread featuring Suho from Exo Comes out December 30 probably able to watch this webdrama on YouTube as well
There are a few more coming out but no trailers made for them that I could find or specific times they will be coming out! I'm sorry Kang Nam Goo : Comes out Dec. 19th but couldn't find trailer. Solomons perjury: Not the greatest 40 sec trailer and no specific date just in December sometime My Runway: Webdrama comes out in December but no exact date or trailer
How Are You Bread....that's not Kai in it. That's Suho (Trust me, I KNOW Suho when I see him (blushed greatly)).
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I'm sorry I had put Kai under the wrong drama he's in the 7 first kisses one Suho is in the Bread show. fixed that bit.
These dramas are gonna kill me!
It's ok. We've all had a mess up or two on a late night card. No biggie.
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Welcome 🐼💗🐼💗
I thought it was suho in the cooking one
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kai is in 7 first kisses lol