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Chapter 5 - Never Falter

Your foot tapped mindlessly against the hard flooring. Fingers knotted together perfectly on your lap kept themselves from fidgeting. Chewing on your bottom lip didn't help the situation either, especially when the flight attendants kept giving you strong looks after the final estimated time of arrival was announced.
Your eyes wondered from the airplane cabin to the window on your left, desperately trying not to stare down at the glimmering lights that belonged to the city of Incheon.
It wasn't the airplane ride that had made you nervous, it was the fact that you were now in South Korean territory , with no one to call in case you get lost but a boyfriend that had very solemnly explained any details to you or even talked to you after that phone call.
Naturally, you were curious with the desire of finding out why Namjoon had decided to fly you out, and even more so, ask about what had happened during his absence.
“Miss,” you tear your eyes away from the window and glance over at the flight attendant. “are you okay?” she asked slowly in English.
“I'm well, thank you.” You reply fluently in Korean, making her flinch at the words.
“Oh, then please buckle your seat belt, we're about to land.” Her tone was harsher, as if you had struck a nerve.
The instant urge to roll your eyes at her made you close them before they could roll on their own and smile from ear to ear then bow your head gently without another word.
'Can't a foreigner learn Korean to communicate with their oppa? Sheesh.'
Your fingers release themselves from their twined stage and go to the seat belt provided around your waist.
Figuring out how to buckle the foreign seat belt may have been a given a gleeful distraction but that was vastly short lived when the pilot announced the estimate time of arrive was now in minutes, rather than hours when you first started.
When Namjoon initially dropped the 'flying out to Korea' bomb on you, your thoughts instantly told you that you had to mentally prepare yourself with what may or may not happen, but somewhere along the way, you stopped prepping and started panicking.
'I can do this.... I don't know what I'm doing, but I can do this.'
Within minutes, the plane successfully landed,causing people to start standing up and reach for their bags in the storage space above their heads. You sit quietly until the space cleared to only a few, then hop out of your seat and grab your bag from the storage space as well.
'I have to remember to thank Joonie for telling me to pack light.' Your thoughts make you smile when you catch a glimpse of the long line of individuals waiting to enter the luggage claiming room.
The Incheon air nipped at your face the moment you step outside to find a taxi. Your face scrunches up at the initial shock but you quickly smile with another reason to thank Namjoon popping in your head.
'Wear a jacket, it's cold here.' His words replay in your head as you climb into a taxi and give the man the directions that Namjoon had texted you the day before. The entire car ride, you stay quiet, observing the way the Korean sun had created blending colors on the sky, all while being conscious of the driver sneaking glances at you every few minutes.
Before you could call the driver out, your phone begins to vibrate in your pocket, making you jump in your seat. You draw out your phone and unlock it when you see a Kakao notification from Namjoon.
“Where are you?”
You lift your phone and take a picture of the highway and send it to him, hoping he'd show some kind of sign of emotion. “I don't know, you tell me.”
“Did you give the driver the address.”
Your eyebrows furrow at the failure. “Of course I did oppa.” You bite your lip and stare at the screen until he replies back.
“When you get here, come inside immediately and ride the elevator to the top floor. I'll send you the code to get in right now.” The code arrives as promised, causing your insides to belly flop with everything slowly starting to come together. You're about to see your idol boyfriend.
Kim Namjoon.
BTS Rap Monster.
'Holy shit, I'm going to meet all of BTS in person.....'
Your belly flops again, this time, with a weird, unpleasant feeling poking your gut.
'I hope everything goes well.'
Before your thoughts could go on linger further, the car comes to a stop, bringing you back from your thoughts and into a foreign reality.
“This is the address,” the driver states.
“A-ahh, yes. Thank you.” You bow your head and pay him the amount, then step out of the car and quickly wish him safe travels back before taking off towards the apartment complex to get inside.
Your fingers hesitate before pressing the up button on the elevator. They hover centimeters above as if trying to tell you to turn back for whatever reason that you couldn't pinpoint. With eyes shut tight and a leap of faith, your fingers press the button, closing the elevator door.
Your heart begins to pound against your chest. As much as you fought to control it, the rhythm continued to distort with every inch the elevator rose. The moment the doors opened, your legs disconnect themselves from any sort of consciousness to your head and carry your body to the apartment at the end of the hallway.
'This is a dream right? I'm not in Seoul right now, about to see Kim Namjoon..... right?'
You stand before a white door, knuckles hovering inches away from the wooden surface until you lean forth to gently tap on it.
The door swings open immediately, with a pair of arms grabbing a hold of you and dragging you inside. You gasp at the unexpected fast paced motions with a bit of fear creeping into your head when the door shut loudly behind you, shivering when the locks clicked.
A hoarse tone echoes in your ear. “Jagiya.”
Tears well around your eyes at the voice. “Joonie.”
His arms tighten around you. “I'm so happy you're hear Jagiya.”
Your arms slowly reached around him until you manage to bury your face into his shoulder to keep yourself from crying out loud.
It had been two months since you had last seen him. Though communicate was always kept, it had become harder with conflicting schedules and having to deal with different things on both ends.
Namjoon strokes your hair, “it's okay jagiya. I'm here, you're here. We're together again.”
You pull back and rub any excess tears away with the back of your hand, “Oppa, why am I here?”
He draws back a hand to grab your hand away from your face, bringing it to his lips, “I need your strength to get through to the members.”
An eyebrow shoots up. “What do you mean?”
Namjoon produces a small sincere smile that created the famous indentation in his cheeks, then pulls on your hand for you to follow him down a small hallway. You navigate through piles of clothing on the floor, careful not to trip or step on anything that looked valuable..... which was everything.
“Are you home alone?” You ask, looking around.
“The others will arrive soon. Let's sit.” He tugs you down around a small table in the living room, his hand tightly intertwined with yours. “Jagiya, I need to confess something.”
You stare at him, half expecting to suddenly wake up from some too good to be true dream but it was far from what began to happen.
The front door flew opened with voices filling the entire apartment immediately. Namjoon's hand tightens around your own as he stands you up with him. Your heart beat loudly against your chest as you began to realize for the first time why Namjoon had brought you all the day to Korea after stopping any kind of communication with you when that night happened.
One by one, the owners of the voices appeared out of the hallway, each stopping to stare at you and their brother beside you, the atmosphere rapidly condensing into an awkward cloud of intense staring.
“Everyone....” Namjoon spoke, only to clear his voice when it began to crack. “This is my girlfriend.”
Like embedded instinct, you bow a perfect 90 degrees, “Hello, please to meet you all.”
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