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Hi lovelies, back with a new chapter. I hope you will like it. Happy Reading! P.S. Please bear with the typos and grammar errors as I didn't get around to proof read nor edit it. Happy reading - @yukigintokie @VIPFreak2NE1 @MaritessSison @Izab3lla @SindyHernandez @LemonLassie @Caky @EmmaJolie @ShellyVargas @Defy24601 @kpopbunny9 @SaraHanna @EmilyPeacock @KaeliShearer @KiinLyr @lopleaf19 @FaithMorrison @EmilyPeacock @RKA916 @Animezkpopgirl @JaxomB @MidnightMadness (Let me know if u want to be untagged) "Please don't say you love coz' I might not say it back... Doesn't mean my heart stops skipping when you look at me like that..."
Slowly we stroll down towards the park neither of us saying a word. I turned to see Mark lost in his own thoughts. He had that distance look on his face. I wanted to ask what he was thinking but held back. We finally reached the park which was almost empty besides some couples who seems to be taking a walk like us. The moonlight now peeking through the branches making it seems like the trees are adorned by fairy lights.
'Would you like to seat for sometime before we take a round?" Mark asked. The park which was shaped in a circular style had a small lake in between with trees and flowers surrounding it. Besides that, several benches were place in between so people can seat and rest if they wanted. I told him that I don't mind taking a round. So we continue walking... The air seems to be colder then I expected or maybe it was just me. I shivered when the wind blew a little stronger than usual. Mark must have notice it, he hurriedly removed his jacket, "Here, wear this" he said putting the jacket on me. "Oh no no, it's alright. I'll survive" I laughed handing the jacket back. "Nat, just wear it, I know you are cold" Mark insisted. "Don't worry about me, I still have my hood on" he said. I thank him and put on the jacket. "So, you'll be pretty busy once you get back huh?" I asked. "Pretty much, our comeback is due and once its done than we will be going for our world tour which will go for months" Mark said. "Sounds really hectic and tiring" I sighed. "It really amazed me how you guys manage it, like seriously" I added. Mark laughed and humored that this was one of the price you paid for fame. "Do you sometimes wish, you have taken a different path?" I asked curious. "Honestly, I don't. I'm pursuing my dream and despite the many ups and down, I'm right where I want to be" he said. Maybe, few years down the lane, I will do my own stuffs. But as of now, I'm happy with the way things are and I love being part of GOT7" he said smiling.  "Well, that's good to hear. As long as you enjoy and love what you are doing" I told him. "BTW it always makes me wonder how do you handle the fans, I mean, I've seen first hand at the airport when you arrived but I'm pretty sure that's nothing comparatively right? "I think we all got used to it now" Mark chuckled. "Although, at times it gets out of hand and some can be really scary too. I had some bad experience myself" Then he told me that there were days when he wants to be just himself and do the little things he loves but most of the times it was difficult. He said he missed his family back in States and he hasn't gone home for since his debut.  Without realizing, we were back to where we started. Mark asked if we could seat down for a while before heading back home. He then said that he wanted to tell me something important as well. So we went and sat down on the nearest bench under the trees.  "So, what is it that important thing you want to tell me?" I teased as we sat down. Mark turn towards and just sat there looking at me. "OK you are scaring me" I said seeing his serious expression and somewhat nervous at the sudden shift of air. "I like you a lot" Mark suddenly said catching me off guard. I stare at him for few seconds before replying I like you...but before I could completely the sentence, Mark cuts me off "I swear Nat, if you tell I like you too Kid again, I'm gonna flip. FYI I'm just a year younger to you"  Mark grumbled. I started to laughed... "I serious Nat" Mark said with that weary look. I couldn't help laughing again seeing his expression. He sure looks cute sitting there trying to be mad if I kid-zone him again. After getting hold of myself I told him I wasn't going to say that. "I like you too Mark. You're pretty cool for a pretty boy" I said smiling at him. Mark relaxed and then took my hands and said "I don't know if this will make sense to you but..." I studied his face and I knew it was not easy for him to say whatever he was about to say. After many days of spending time with him, the one thing I learn about Mark was, he was never good at expressing his real feelings despite the taunting and teasing he does. So, I gently squeeze his hands and told him to go ahead and waited for him to say it. "I really wish we had more time in our hands" Mark said thoughtfully. I didn't comment and waited for him to continue. "We will be going our own ways tomorrow and I'm afraid we might not be able to keep in touch as often as we want, no matter how much we try to. I'll understand that given our busy schedules. So I have a request" he said. "Maybe I'm asking too much but would you promise me one thing?" Mark asked looking at me. I nodded as I was couldn't bring myself to speak. I'm not the emotional kind but right now, I was having some kind of emotional attack. Not sure what I was feeling deep down but whatever it was, one thing I know for sure, I had grown to really like and care about this pretty boy more than I care to admit to myself.  "Promise me, you will give us a chance if we meet again under better circumstances" he asked. I looked at him for sometime, then lean over and kiss his cheeks before saying "I Promise"  Mark smiled... "Thank you" "...and I'm sorry, I cannot say that one thing I really want to say coz I know, it won't be fair for either of us". "You don't need to" I told him gently. "Save it for the right time and maybe if it's fate, I will get to hear it next time" "I guess, that's all we can hope for now" he said smiling sadly. I smiled back, my eyes bright with unshed tears. I stood up ready to go back home. Too many things happened tonight. I was emotionally exhausted and I needed the comfort of my four walls where I can let it out. I didn't dare to look at Mark fearing I might break down. I heard him stand up as I waited for him. "Nat, look at me" Mark gently said. I bite down my teeth and force a bright smile and turn to him. "Shall we go?"I asked. Mark stood there looking at me, then he step closer and pull me into a tight hug. I hugged him back and looked up. I saw several emotions cross his eyes. Then he softly asked "Can I kiss you for the last time?" I looked into his eyes and smiled. He leaned down slowly and kissed me...
It wasn't a kiss of passion or lust...but a kiss seal with a promise and hope... Mark smiled at me gently as he lifted his head. I smiled back knowing we're gonna be alright somehow. "Let's go home" Mark said as he took my hand. We walk back home that night betting out future on fate and hoping it'd be kind...
Author note I hope you got through the end without cringing hahaha. Sorry of the plot is lame *Yikes* Thank you for sticking around and checking my story. Truly appreciate it. I wouldn't have come this far if it wasn't for you guys motivating me to continue.  As for now, I'm not sure if I will add more chapters to this story. If you want me to continue, please VOTE and COMMENT your thoughts. Until then, cheers! Thank you again! xoxo    
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