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No matter what you guys continue to prove yourselves ! I am so proud to call myself an ARMY!! ♡♡ IM ACTUALLY CRYING!! :"""")

There are lots of people who want to see them fall, but BTS continue to rise not because of random popularity but because of their hard work and effort. ♡

They are all such talented individuals and they are ALL important. BTS isn't BTS without ANY OF THEM! ♡

They have worked SO hard these past 3 years and deserve every single award that they have won! ♡

I LOVE them all SO much and i couldnt be any more happier for them! ♡

And on top of all that, they continue to stay humble, loving, and greatful. ♡

I love you BTS and may you win many many many awards in the future!! ♡♡

HONORABLE MENTION: Congrats to Bang PDnim !! ♡♡ Bts would not exist without you!! ^_^
They DESERVED all of it! 💗💗 I'm so happy for them!! My babies~
I'm crying happy tears😭😭😊. They deserved those awards
bravo boys, so proud of you guys