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Is It Just Me?

Is anyone else having trouble seeing the Pictures?

I mean I can see it if I click on it but I should be able to see the picture before!

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Yeah I'm having the same problem
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@AimeBolanos I have notice it on some of them, it's weird what's up with vingle
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ya, noticed it. I didn't really think much of it, but I went on a card and this thing would pop up saying that this card has new features, would you like to update vingle? I would type the yes and it would straight to Google Play. But all it had was the option to either open or uninstall the app…after a second time that's when noticed some cards not having pictures but do when you open them
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Love the prof pic
10 months ago
@AlexisRiver Oh that happened to me actually but im guessing my Vingle has finally updatedl. Just gotta wait for a bit it sucks but it'll happen
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