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Who: Zhang Yixing x reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Angst Betrayal Smut Story: Five years after the worst break up of your life you found love again and married Zhang Yixing. A three year marriage going strong suddenly turns upside down when Your husband's best friend stays at your place for a few weeks.
Yixing POV Last night he didn't expect her to get on top of him like that. He'd noticed after Junmyeon had stayed at the house that things had changed a bit. He figured she was still upset at him for inviting Junmyeon in the house without talking to her first. He thought she would've been over it by now but obviously he was wrong. She was also complaining about being sick for the past few days so maybe that was what was wrong with her. She wasn't meeting up with him like normal any more though, he was starting to miss seeing her at lunch. He always left before her so he never saw what she went to work in anymore. He missed the mornings they'd wake up together and shower together. He'd kiss her and hug her under the hot water, they'd bathe each other. They were always so sweet to one another and normally when she gave him the cold shoulder he could figure out what he'd done to make her upset at him. Most times she'd easily forgive him probably for the same reason he took so much care in wondering if she was ok or not. What Yixing understood was that the man before him that she was with had abused her, during fights she'd get hit her and then they'd somehow have sex if he didn't get too angry. Jongdae and Minseok wouldn't speak a word about who the guy was. They very much wanted Y/n to move on from him. Minseok had set them up on a blind date which Yixing later discovered he was the only one that knew it was a date. Minseok figured that he would be a nice change of pace for Y/n. He remembered their first actual date. She stood outside in a white and red polka dot dress. Her hair was out and in beautiful curls. She was rocking back and forth on her feet restlessly, he thought she was nervous but she was really just annoyed at being pushed into a date. He remembered offering her his hand to help her down the steps and she looked at him as if he were crazy. "Has no one ever done this for you before?" He asked. "Raised their hand to me? No plenty have done that to me, I'm not sure what you're doing though." She said. He gave her a gentle smile and simply told her to take his hand. He helped her down the steps and she slipped on a wet step so he caught her. It had rained earlier and had stopped only a few hours before he came to get her. She looked at him surprised and he just gave her a hug. For a moment he almost kissed her but thought against it. It was clear she was new to how he was treating her. Back when she thought he cheated on her, he understood to what degree Minseok and Jongdae were talking about when they said she becomes reckless when she's hurt. The fact that she was drunk out of her mind made him upset but not at her, not even at himself just upset at the fact that, that was a way for her to cope. It wasn't the only way either according to Jongdae but he never elaborated on what he meant. He was always told to just becareful with her. They were very protective of her in the beginning. The closer they got however, the more the boys backed off. Sleeping with her for the first time was odd too, not for him but for her. She looked at him as if she were waiting for him to do something else. With every hand motion, the way he touched her body, the way he kissed her, he watched her every reaction. The moment he entered her and her back arched off the bed and she took in an excited breath. Her reactions were like that of a virgin. She said she'd had sex before with her ex, perhaps what he had done to her was so far different that she was new to his gentleness. It explained why the guys always wanted him to be careful with her. He loved her, he loved touching her, he loved kissing her. No matter how much of her past she kept a secret from him, he took her as she was currently. He left her past alone. He wanted to know where the scars on her back came from though and that, along with her ex was, something she kept on lock down. She wouldn't speak her ex's name and she wouldn't explain the scars on her back. It looked as if she had been beaten harshly, that night he'd first made love to her she had been asleep and happened to turn around and he saw them. His hand lightly touched them and she woke up quickly, fleeing from his touch. The look she gave him even made him uncomfortable. He'd only touched her and she was scared beyond belief. He asked her about them twice and after the second time he knew he shouldn't ask anymore. Whatever memory that came with those scars she was determined to forget. Still somehow that hurt look in her eyes, the fear that lied within them the moment he'd touched them some how didn't compare to the look she'd given him before she stormed out moments ago... Last night they had been together. She was restless in her sleep crying out his name begging him not to go and she cried against his chest. Sleeping with her was something out of the blue, she suddenly wanted him and once she touched him he wasn't sure he could hold back. Her riding him was an amazing experience. She'd broken him out of his shell yet he wasn't able to resist the temptation of dominating over her again. It seemed as long as they tried something different she didn't mind much that he took her in a missionary position. He loved laying against her body though and feeling her hand go through his hair. All of that contentment was some how washed away though by the time the next day came. He had woken up early to leave for work as always and he'd kissed her forehead while she slept. She didn't wake up this time, that or she pretended to still be asleep. He'd gone to work and like she promised she came to lunch. She gave him a kiss but it was quick, too quick. It was almost as if she didn't want to kiss him. She'd always give him a kiss when she came into the classroom; it wouldn't be long but it wasn't so rushed. He wanted to pull her back but he really had to finish the papers he was grading. She sat in the room for about twenty minutes after she'd given him his food before she announced that she was leaving she said her stomach was upset. She'd texted him a few times the past week and a half that her stomach was upset and today she felt like she was really going to vomit. She didn't even bring her own lunch. He tried asking Jongdae and Minseok if she'd said what was wrong with her but they had said she was mostly quiet. He saw the worried look on both of their faces. "What is it?" he asked. "Nothing it's just this behavior is kind of familiar." Jongdae said. He wouldn't look at Yixing and Yixing didn't like that. He didn't like that he wasn't getting an answer from any one. Minseok and Jongdae had shared a troubled look but Minseok had said, "Yixing don't worry I'm sure it'll blow over soon. We're all probably over thinking things, she's just feeling a little sick that's all." That didn't ease him but he tried to remain in high spirits for her. When he got home, he took the kiss he waited for when he was at work. He even asked her to go get a check up since she wasn't feeling well for a while. She reluctantly agreed but when he asked Junmyeon if he was staying for dinner and he said yes he could feel her tense up. What was her problem with Junmyeon? Had he done something to her? Junmyeon was normally well with people but something had her on edge about him he just didn't know what. They had gotten into their bedroom and he heard her sigh as he closed the door behind him. She was rocking on her feet, "I need Junmyeon to leave." She said. "Why didn't you say anything out there I'm sure he would've understood?" "No Yixing, not just tonight I need him out of the house." She said. "Y/n I thought this was settled already." He said confused. "It's not, I put up with him for a little more than a week hasn't his place been fixed yet? If it's almost done he can just stay at a hotel." She said. "Y/n he's my friend I can't be that rude and just kick him out after saying he could stay." "Then make me the bad guy but he can't be here anymore please get rid of him." She was moving her hands alot and rocking back and forth. "Y/n what's going on did he do something to you?" He asked. "Yixing please just ask him to leave." She said. "Don't I at least get a reason as to why I have to kick him out?" There it was that fear in her eyes. What was that for? Did he do something or was it Junmyeon? He was confused. She looked away for a second and swallowed. Her mouth opened and closed but no words came out. He saw her close her eyes and she said, "Yixing make him leave, please." He admittedly was getting annoyed that she was avoiding his question. What the hell happened? Jongdae and Minseok weren't telling him anything, she wasn't telling him anything he was sick of being left out. "Not until you tell me why." He answered. She looked up at him shocked and tears were brimming in her eyes. He felt bad instantly but how else was he supposed to get her to talk. Any other time he'd leave it alone, he'd do as she asked but if Junmyeon hurt her that was something he needed to know. "Yixing." She said surprised. "Tell me what's going on with you Y/n. I know something's wrong I just don't know what. What are you afraid of?" She started crying and wiping her tears with her sleeve, "I need to get out of here." She said rushing for the door. He went to grab her and she pushed him away and hurried out of the bedroom. He followed her, "Y/n wait a minute." He could hear her sniffing as she slipped on her shoes. He reached for her arm again and she pushed him away. She was crying harder now but silently. She grabbed her coat and keys and ran out the front door. Yixing followed behind slipping his shoes on as fast he could but by the time he'd reached the driveway she was pulling off. Why did she just run from him? He felt terrible he didn't mean to make her that upset. Maybe he made it seem like he was choosing Junmyeon over her which wasn't the case he just wanted to know what was going on. He turned back around and grabbed his phone, going into the house to call her cell but he heard her ring tone coming from the kitchen. She didn't even take her damn phone with her. "Shit." He said more worried than before. "Shit." "What's going on? Normally you don't curse without a reason." Junmyeon said from the spare bedroom. He must've gone to his room once they walked out of the kitchen. Yixing sighed, "Did something happen between you and Y/n?" He asked him. Junmyeon shrugged, "No I don't think so. She seems a little uncomfortable around me but I've done my best to be scarce around her. Did she say I did something?" "No and that's the problem she's not saying anything." He said frustrated. "What's going on? Where is she?" He asked walking over to him. Yixing sat down on the couch stressed out. "I don't know, she walked out on me and she left her phone so now I have no idea where she is. She drinks when she's upset, she's reckless when she's upset." He shook his head, "Junmyeon I really hate to do this to you but do you think you could finish your stay in a hotel?" "Hm? Sure my place is almost finished anyway it should be another few days thanks for letting me stay." Junmyeon smiled and patted his back. "Thank you, I'm sorry I have to ask you to go. It's just everything with Y/n I'd rather that be between us." He said. Junmyeon nodded, "Don't worry I understand. I guess I'll go pack. Listen maybe she didn't go drink, you said in the kitchen she wasn't feeling well right. Drinking probably isn't the best decision for an upset stomach." "Are you saying she went somewhere else?" He looked at him wondering. Junmyeon shrugged, "She could've, does she have any friends that live around here?" Jongdae and Minseok. He could try calling them. He thanked Junmyeon and headed back into their bedroom. Jongdae's POV Minseok was in his bedroom getting changed to come watch the movie they had picked out. Minseok's girlfriend sat on one end of the couch while Jongdae was in the kitchen popping popcorn. He heard his phone ring and walked over to the counter to pick it up. When he saw Yixing's name, he smiled and answered the phone. "Hey Yixing what's up!" He said happily. "Jongdae am I interrupting anything?" He asked. "Uh no, why what's wrong you sound stressed?" He said. "Y/n walked out on me and I don't know where she's gone." "What? What happened?" He said surprised. Minseok had just walked out of his room as Yixing explained the fight they had briefly. Minseok was smiling for a second but when he saw the look on Jongdae's face it turned to concern, "What's wrong?" He asked. "Y/n's missing." Jongdae whispered to Minseok. "Look she hasn't been feeling well lately so I was hoping she may stop by your place. If she does please just give me a call. I didn't mean to make her upset she's just- I don't know what's going on with her. She's not talking to me, she's avoiding me, something is going." Yixing said. His stress mixed with his worried tone. Jongdae cursed in his head, "Yixing, calm down okay if she doesn't show up in at least twenty minutes I'll go out and look for her okay. Everything will be fine just calm down okay." He said. "Please just let me know if you see her." He said. "I will, goodbye Hyung." Jongdae hung up and Minseok looked over at his girlfriend. "Why did she leave?" Minseok asked. "They got into a fight he said she started crying but when he tried to stop her she ran more. She hasn't been talking to us, all of this seems too familiar what if-" "No don't even think it. She wouldn't, not with Yixing." Minseok said. "Look I know she loves him but sense when has Y/n been good at coping with anything? I'm telling you it's exactly the same as before." Minseok sighed and shook his head. Jongdae knew he didn't want to admit it but the signs were clear. When Yixing first started asking about if she was okay at work, he thought nothing of it but when he mentioned her avoiding him and feeling sick he worried. Minseok didn't even want to think such things into existence but Jongdae could feel it just as Yixing could. The only difference was that he was positive of what was going on. Jongdae handed the popcorn to Minseok and told him to go watch the movie and he'd keep a look out for Y/n. He headed outside with his coat on and sat outside waiting to see if she'd show up. He knew Minseok was worried now too but hopefully his girl could keep him distracted enough. He was outside for about ten minutes before he saw her car pull up at his place. She walked out, "Did he call you?" She asked. Her eyes were red and she was still crying, her tears weren't as heavy as they probably were before though. She was settling down. Jongdae nodded and patted the spot next him; she walked over and sat down next to him in silence. Jongdae wrapped his arm around her and she whimpered while still wiping away tears. "Y/n, what happened, why are you avoiding him?" He asked. "Did Yixing tell you that there's someone staying at the house with us?" She said. He nodded, "He mentioned his friend was staying with you two. Is that what this is all about?" She laughed humorlessly. "Yixing and you have the same tone. He doesn't know so I can't blame him but it's getting dangerous and I've already done something terrible." She said getting upset again. "Y/n what's going on?" He asked. "His friend is Junmyeon." She said. "Fuck." Jongdae breathed. He knew her behavior was similar but he didn't think she'd been living with him. Shit, she couldn't have slept with him. Yes she could've, Junmyeon knew just how to manipulate her. He fucked with her head to get her in the right position. Once she was weak enough for him he'd have no problem taking her back under his control. Why was he even still coming after her? Did he just love controlling her that much? She placed her head in her hands crying harder again, "Y/n did you and Junmyeon sleep together?" "No- I stopped him but it was too late by then he'd kissed me and touched me and- I wanted to tell Yixing but he saw him as a friend I didn't want to hurt him." "Y/n do you realize the hell that you've invited into your house? If Yixing had known he wouldn't hesitate to make him leave." Jongdae said. "I tried to tell him, I did but everytime I try I can't say it. He'll be so upset I didn't want to do that to him. I thought I could handle it but I can't. Especially now- Junmyeon is gonna do worse to me I can tell." She cried. Her voice was drowned in sorrow and fear and pain. He wished she would've told him earlier then he could've told Yixing to kick him out on his ass. He understood where she was coming from though, Yixing may look sweet and cuddly but his protective side would've kicked in. As much as he believed Junmyeon deserved his teeth kicked in, he didn't want Yixing getting in trouble for it. Not to mention taking away the illusion of this wonderful person that Yixing saw would've made her feel guilty. Still, this could've been avoided, "He'll never forgive me. He'll hate me but I can't be without him. He just won't tell him to leave." She cried frustrated. "Y/n you have to tell him." "No. He'll be so upset, he'll hate me." She clutched onto his jacket. "Y/n listen to me, if you keep him in the dark things will only get worse. You need to talk to him. You can't keep it a secret anymore. If you explain yourself he'll understand he loves you." "I'm scared." "I know but me and Minseok have your back okay. So tomorrow you're going to tell him okay. Tell him everything he needs to know. If he's upset let him cool down and we'll go talk to him. Junmyeon needs to get away from you though, that's the most important thing right now. So I'll put you to bed, I'll take the couch tonight and I'll call Yixing and tell him you're okay alright?" She nodded. Jongdae stood her up and walked up the two steps to their front door. He stopped for a second and said, "Y/n are pregnant again?" She bit her lip in silence and swallowed, "I don't know. I was able to calm down enough to call the doctors office before I came here. I have an appointment tomorrow." "It's not his again is it?" "No like I said we didn't go that far and a few times Yixing and didn't use protection but if I am and Junmyeon finds out-" "I know, shush. Don't think about it okay just focus on getting some rest. Come on." He led her into the house and to his room. Yixing just wanted answers but he had no idea the hell she'd go through if she was pregnant with Junmyeon in the house. Junmyeon was unpredictable and Jongdae only feared what he'd do if he found out about her being pregnant.
I'm totally enjoying it! thanks πŸ˜†
I'm glad you like it
omg ima kick Junmyeon in the dick. how dare he. how dare he do that to Yixing. poor Yixing.
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πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† aaaaaaahhhhh!!!! shit is about to go down.....make sure that suho knows i only belong to yixing and no one else....❀❀❀❀❀❀
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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ wow that boy has got some power he just doesn't know
You already know
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