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I've noticed a Bleach challenge event going on and I though hey what better fun on the holidays than to talk about anime :D now I understand some of you busy Suzemebachi (yes I know what she actually is just let me have this ) are already doing a 100 day anime challenge so if you're doing that please know that you are excused from doing this one as one of these is time consuming enough and you probably would end up repeating yourself. And unfortunately I've come into this game late but let's get into it anyway with the first two days.

Day 1 Favorite Male Character: Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo is easily my favorite great character development and fights had by this amazing badass. If the anime picked back up I could see even more bad ass moments had by Ichigo Kurosaki and crew. I'd love if I could collect All the Ichigos in Bleach Brave Souls as well but the Frankenstein eludes me :( However with Giriko added I can hold out hope for a full bring version :3

Day 2 Favorite Female Character: Yoruichi Shihoin

When it comes to bad ass females in Bleach the first that comes to my mind is Yoruichi. She's super smart and really fucking hilarious xD seriously though Yoruichi is a strong combat fighter who holds her own in a fight beating some real tough competition. Captains,Espadas and recently Quincy Yoruichi shows that you can be beautiful as hell AND kick everythings ass not either or. Love Yoruichi and I hope there's a character book or something that'll give me a result on the outcome of her situation.
So who are your favorite male and female characters in Bleach be sure to make a card and let me know or comment down below. Second Image is my BBS data WHICH has temporarily been frozen in place due to my Fire tablet force closing my google apps even making this card was a chore. Tagging @Zeenyte @AdamDean if you'd liked to be tagged in the future please let me know :3
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my fav male character was really hard to pick but i guess it would be coyote starkk mostly Becuase we are alike and i love wolfs my fav female. would Rukia