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Ahhhh I'm sorry this update took a couple days. Been caught up in other things and couldn't figure out what to do with this new development! But update is finally here, but short so sorry for that. still hope you like it!
Belle entered the room at the wrong moment. Eliza was laying on top of Suga, Jin was standing over watching them laughing his butt off at the pair. There was alot that Belle had missed. "Eliza what are you doing?" Belle exclaimed stepping into the room. "Your not supposed to be touching them like that" Belle exclaimed. "Oh relax Belle, we were just having fun" Eliza said getting up and giving Suga a hand up as well. "You want to see what Suga has been teaching me?"She asked. Belle stood there confused. When did Eliza become so friendly with the guys? They just started working here not to long ago. "Over the past week Suga has been teaching me how to dance, you know how I sucked, I've gotten alot better, barely tripping every second" Eliza grinned. "Um Eliza can you come here for a second" Belle motioned her to come closer.  She came closer and stopped right next to her. "How are you?" Eliza asked. "Jungkook just tried to kiss me" Belle told her. "Did he apologize for being an ass?" She asked "Uh yea. He confessed he liked me. I kinda like him back" Belle said "Oh my seriously! I thought you were going for Tae tae?" Eliza tilted her head. "Taehyung? " A blush coated her cheeks. "Yea, wait you did that knock to the head blank out your brain or something? " Eliza  asked. "Maybe" Belle winced. "Oh boy" Eliza gasped. "Wait your serious? Belle you remember we've been working here for like over a year now right?" "A year? " panic crossed her face and she turned to hee brother.  "Did I really loose my memory of a year? I thought I just started working here! " "Belle!" Eliza now looked panicked.  "Um maybe I should be updating you on what's been going on. You do remember I'm your bestie right?" She gave a quizzical look at her friend. "Well duh, we've been friends for 3 years now. Since high school" Belle laughed. "Four years  now. Well I'm glad you remember that. Come on lets take a walk" she said then turned to the two boys. "I'll practice with you two another day! I'm taking off with Belle" she waved to them. "Awe your taking my entertainment away" Jin commented making her laugh. "Well I'm sorry me dancing is entertaining for you. Cause you know constantly tripping and taking Suga down is so much fun" Eliza laughed. "It really is. Though I prefer teaching you myself I'd get hurt falling so much" Jin laughed. "Yea I got bruises to back that up " Suga commented. "Oh so sorry, I'd kiss them better but your clothed" Eliza said. "Hmm I could always undress" Suga commented. "If I knew that " Jin grumbled, "Eliza!" Belle exclaimed. It dawned on Eliza what she just said. "No I didn't mean like that. . . Though not a bad idea" she slanted a look at Suga.  He was smirking her Eliza. "And that was so not what I meant! I'm just saying your legs are probably covered in bruises and covered up" she said. "I could take my pants off" Suga suggested. "With that I'm going to head out! Naughty boy" Eliza shook her head. Eliza and Belle went off and Eliza started asking her questions what she knew and didn't know  and updated her on their involvement with the guys. Recounting how their relationship was very open and playful flirting. Belle was confused by it all thinking it wasn't really playful when it could effect her so much. 
Lol oh little cackles, I think Suga is in the lead for Eliza's attention, lol and Ooo reminding Belle of who she likes that a bomb lol. okay let's see what Sarah Comes up with next!!!!
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Hmm....and now Jin may be playing his hand too
Oh hehe Kookie didn't try to kiss he did kiss lol anywho now she's going to be....well idk this will be fun
sry took me so long with it. but yip yip lol and don't think Belle was being all honest to Eliza then. lol