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So another MAMA has occured and passed, some of us are still recuperating from the awesomeness that happens, the rest are dead xD. Although this MAMA wasn't as good as pass ones, its one that will be remembered nonetheless. LIke last year, I will be talking about all the groups who won awards and the live performances and all my REACTIONS toward them.

NCT - Dance Connection + Black on Black

MAMA started off strong with NCT. THey all killed it and I'm proud of all them. I'm so glad they were able to dance all together as one group!


so Taemin was next and um.......................he did a great job and um.........................I'm so proud of him and yep that's all I'm saying right now so I don't freak out
Congrats to Taemin for winning BEST MALE PERFORMANCE
*HE WAS F**KING SHIRTLESS WTF?????* even the freaking thubmail *sigh* Good luck @Keldra

Never Knew How Much I Needed This!! GFriend&Seventeen

This was so cuttteeeeeeeee. I love this collab so much, SO GOOD! The song they did together was Springtime. We saw Seventeen's new song, Boom Boom, before the MV came out which was cool. They also performed Adore U. GFriend also performed Navillera and Rough.
Congrats to Seventeen for winning WORLD PERFROMER award
Congrats to GFriend for winning BEST FEMALE DANCER PERFORMER GROUP

Suzy&Baekhyun <3

Tbh this was my first time listening to their song, Dream. But it was sweet and beatiful and Baekhyun and Suzy look too cute together.
Congrats to them both for winning BEST COLLABORATION!!!

Dean&Crush&Zico(The Holy Trinity)

These three really are the holy trinity cause they just killed each of their performances. Dean started it off with Half Moon, the Crush came in(so smooth I might add) with Don't Forget. Then Zico came in and performed Eureaka and an awesome remix of Boys and Girls.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS COLLAB SO MUCH!!!!!! I was so excited when I saw this popped up on my screen. The theme was called "Who's winning". All three groups were trying to take the suitcase(later found out it was full of money(?). NCT performed "Fire Truck" first and then TAEYONG AND JOOHEON did a rap together that literally made my whole life have a meaning again.
Monsta X then performed next with "Fighter" which is always a jam. idk why but i couldn't keep my eyes off Jooheon ;-;
Lastly Got7 finished it up with "Hard Carry" and honestly by this time i was already done, all my energy was gone and i was shook to the max
Congrats to NCT 127 for winning BEST NEW MALE ARTIST
Congrats to Monsta X for winning BEST OF NEXT AWARD(Male)
Congrats to Got7 for winning WORLDWIDE FAVORITE ARTIST

THEN BTS CAME..........

Now i know I skip over some other performacnes but let's be honest none of them affected us more than this live stage. and i forever will remember this live stage for 3 main reasons
1. Jimin(with a blindfold!) and Jhope dancing to their solo songs
2. Taehyung showing the back(where I will showcase in another card soon)
3. Idk but it just seemed that they performed harder than they ever had before
I was totally blown black and was literally frozen for a clean 10 was just perfect


!sorry idk what i just said but EXO delivered the most and honestly I'm glad they ended the MAMA awards off because their performance was nothing short of perfection. They destroyed everything. I love how they performed "Transformer", a song i literally just found and listened too from EXO not too long ago. I was super happy to hear it live and they did not dissapoint. I'm not even going to go in about the dance breakdowns and that Baekhyun incident because my mind is not stable enough to talk about that. They did perform "Monster" which they killed as well. EXO just ended it off so well!

Congrats to EXO for winning BEST MALE GROUP

I know I didn't list all the performances but these were the one that left a lasting impression on me!
Congrats to all the winners!!! FIGHTING!!!
All of the performances were fantastic!!!!! BTS and EXO were perfect!!!! When Baekhyun opened up his shirt I thought I was gonna die. Another performance I liked was BeWhy's stage. He really surprised me (even though I watched SMTM5) and I was impressed! And Taeyeon, one of my QUEENS, she was absolutely flawless!
I'm just glad I don't have to divorce her. T_T
Also, anyone who didn't cry with Taeyong when he accepted the award for NCT is just heartless. T_T He's a fluffy marshmallow and I love him. 馃槶
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I cried my eyes out cuz that my bias and seeing him cry always makes me cry. T.T
Personally, I loved EXO performance. Every group and artist did a great job! At first I thought Chanyeol was Baekhyun I'm also dead thanks to Baekhyun
I watched with one of my friends. I was so shook during Taemin's performance. T_T I don't even know what life is right now. He looked sooooo good. Soldier is one of my favorite songs, even though I don't even like ballads (but, like, let's be real...everything that SHINee touches is my favorite. Except Everybody, but I pretend it doesn't exist...easy). And the ribbon aesthetic he's been rocking since Sayonara Hirori is just 馃拫馃挍馃挄馃挴馃挴馃槏馃槺. It's obvious that he's been working out and I'm just still shook.
exo was amazing among others lol
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