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This is a Taehyung fanfiction, which will be updated everyday until Christmas. You have been dating your boyfriend, Taehyung, for about 4 years now; and will be spending everyday until Christmas together. Day 1 Day 2/25 I know this is late, but i'll update 2 today
I woke up with my boyfriend right next to me. I was all wrapped in his arms, I made the slightest move and he woke up. But he only turned around and went back to sleep. I stood up and jolted at the loss of warmth. I quickly slipped in the shower, after that making some pancakes. I was in the middle of making pancakes when I felt a pair of arms wrap around my shoulders. I leaned my head on his arm, then turned around. I kissed his nose and he peeked around my head. "Heart pancakes, my favorite. " He said with stars in his eyes. "I love these." He said and let go of me, eager to eat. "What else do you love?" "I love your signature soup!" "What else?" "My family." "Anything else?" "Jungkookie!" I sighed in defeat. "Fine! Go ahead and be with him leave!" I joked. "Babe! You know I was just joking. I put you before anyone and anything." "I hope so." I said and put the pancakes on a plate for him. "Yum!" He said and took a bite. "You know I love you!" "Yes I do." I said and hugged him from behind and put my head on his shoulder. He cut the heart and put it up to my mouth. I took a bite and smiled. "Let's watch a movie after this." I got up and looked for a christmas movie. I grabbed a blanket and sa down on the couch. I put on the movie and leaned against Taehyung as he sat down next to me. "This is my favorite movie!" I said as it started. Before I realized it, it ended. I frowned, I looked up to see Taehyung asleep. "wake up!" I yelled as I shook him. "Just kidding." He laughed and sat up straight. "What should we do now?" I sighed and pushed on him. "We should sleep." He started fake snoring. I punched him and said 'no'. "We should get ice cream!" I got up and ran around in circles. "But isn't it to cold for ice cream?" "You can have ice cream whenever you want." I said and pulled him up. "C'mon let's go." I started to pull him out. "Wait we need our coats." He pulled back and I fell into his arms. "Your right." I said and ran into my room grabbing my coat and running out the door. I slipped it on and ran ahead of Taehyung. But as I was running I slipped on ice and landed straight on my butt. "Taehyung!" I started to scream like a child. "Babe are you okay?" "I'll be better once I get ice cream." He grabbed my hand and pulled me up. I crouched down in front of me. "What?" I asked not knowing what he was doing. "Get on my back." I smiled and hopped on his back. "Woah! Did you get heavier?" "Hey! Thanksgiving was only a week ago. Do you expect me to lose 10 pounds in one week?" "Sorry!" He started laughing. "Hey don't laugh!" I started punching his arm. A minute later we arrived, with my arms wrapped around his neck, hands interlocked. I dropped of his back and ran inside. "Hello. What would you like for today?" "Can I have a chocolate chip ice cream 2 scoops?" "Are you guys a couple?" The lady asked. "Yes we are." Taehyung then stepped next to me. The lady grabbed something from behind and showed us, "We have a special and new ice cream exclusive to couples. It's a strawberry icecream with chocolate syrup inside." My eyes lit up as I saw the picture. "We'll take that." I nodded excitedly. The girls nodded and went behind to make the ice cream and came back with an enormous bowl. We paid for the ice cream and she gave us a pen. "This order comes with a wish to your loved one. You can write on the wall over there, to wish for eternal love." She winked and waved to us. I smiled at her sincerity and was waiting for Taehyung to finish writing. "You can't look until Christmas comes." I groaned at what he said. "Why?" "You'll see." He said and waved to the lady. "We'll be back after Christmas." He continued and brought me out the store. "Promise you won't look at it until Christmas?" "Promise." We interlocked pinkies.