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As a birthday present to @royalpandajedi Happy Birthday! Who: Reader x Jay Park What: Fluffiness all around Story:N/A
You woke up to little paws pushing into your side and a wet nose sniffing by your ear. You turned over with a groan and sat up lifting PJ up from the bed, "Now didn't your daddy tell you to stay off the bed?" you said tired and squinting your eyes. Oscar nudged his head against your chest once he was able to sit his front paws on your leg and move past your arm. You set PJ down on your other side and began to pet both dogs on the head. "Speaking of which where is that silly father of yours?" A whistle came from the door and you looked up at Jay standing there with flowers in his hands. He had a white button up and gray trousers on. His other hand was in his pocket. The smooth smile he had on always made you smile back and the moment you did his smile got bigger so his pretty white teeth were showing. He walked over to you as you said, "Wow! Lillies, what did you do?" "Why do you assume I did something, can't I be nice to you Y/N?" he smiled coming down to give you a kiss. He climbed on the bed and over top of you and you smiled, "Sometimes. Anyway, are you just coming back from a meeting you're all dressed up." you said fixing his collar and holding the flowers in the other hand. He grabbed the hand at his collar and shook his head. "You don't remember what today is do you?" he said. "Today? Is there something special today?" you asked confused. He laughed and got off the bed while also grabbing the dogs and placing them on the floor. He extended his hand out to you and you grabbed it curiously as he pulled you out of bed. He wrapped his arms around you and gave you a deep kiss again. The kind of kiss that was long lasting and lingered on your lips for a while. Jay was good with his lips far too good. Two years you two had been together and he was always so open about your relationship. He was positive nothing and no one could kill it because you two loved each other that much. He was the type to spoil you because he could. You often complained that the things he'd done for you were too much, like for your birthday last year he bought you a brand new car. You nearly had a heart attack. You tried to be careful about what you said around Jay though, he had the tendency of buying you things out of the blue and it'll be things that you said you wanted or liked. It was never you hinting towards wanting him to buy you things it would just be in the middle of a conversation or something you saw on TV. You didn't expect to wake up to a Bentley when you said a few months before your birthday, "Damn that's a hot car I wish I had one of those." In fact, you didn't even think he heard you say it. You were pretty sure you said it under your breath. It was only recently that Jay complained he didn't know what to get you for your anniversary or even recently your upcoming birthday because you had stopped saying what you liked around him. Your birthday! That's what he meant, it wasn't for another few days but he was leaving for LA for a concert with Loco and Ugly Duck so he set this day aside to be with you. Stilll you thought you two were just going to stay home and relax. He looked ready to take you to some place fancy. "Wait a minute you still haven't explained why you're all dressed up." you said pulling back from the kiss. "Baby girl you know I hate it when you pull away from me mid kiss like that. Do you want me to take you down right now? I had that planned for tonight." he smirked suggestively. "Oh my, okay. Jay you're stamina is unwavering. Gracious." you laughed. He pecked your lips and said, "Go get in the shower and put on the dress I got you." "Wait what dress?" you asked. He smiled and your eyes got wide. And so it begins. He pointed to the bathroom and you walked in and saw a white dress with red flowers all over it. It was so cute and it probably hung just above your knees so it wasn't too short. It was the type of dress where if you spun around it would fan out. It was definitely your taste. You shook your head and hoped in the shower. You were surprised that within the first five minutes Jay hadn't come in to join you. You wondered where he was going to take you. You made your shower quick and brushed your teeth, curled your hair, washed your face and did your make up. After an hour had passed, Jay said, "Baby hurry up." "Okay okay." You said cleaning any mess up from your eyeliner. You walked out and he put his hand to his heart like he'd been shot. "The most beautiful sight I've ever seen." he said. "You are so cheesy." you laughed. "I love you." he said coming up to kiss you. "I love you too babe." "Come on, if I kiss you anymore I'll take off that dress." he grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the bedroom. He pulled you out of the house after putting PJ and Oscar up and he led you to the car. He opened your door for you, smiling all charming and what not. His earring and noes ring both shining in the sun. He really did look good all dressed up. You got in and he took off, you tried getting him to tell you where you two were going but he wouldn't say. After an hour or so you two arrived at a large building with fish pictures hanging around. You covered your mouth excited, "No way, I thought you didn't want to come here." you said. "I only said that because I this planned. Come on." he said. He got out of the car and opened your door and led you inside. He'd taken you to the new aquarium that was built just a few minutes from the beach. It was huge and you had waited for it to be built because you wanted to go into the huge tunnel where the place was nothing but glass and you could see the fish at full view swimming over top of you. You hurried, practically pulling his arm off as you pranced inside. A guide pointed you into the direction of the tunnel and you and Jay took the elevator down. When you got there, no one else was inside. "We must be the first ones." you said. It was possible because it was still early. "No I asked them to close it for just us." Jay said. Your eyes widened as you looked at Jay. "Jay that's too much!" "Y/N you said this place gave you a feeling of romance right? That's why you like aquarium's. Well can you imagine a bunch of people crowding around asking for autographs and pictures with me while we're trying to have a romantic moment?" he said. "That's not fair Jay you know I hate it when you use logical arguments against me." you said. He laughed and wrapped his arm around you and walked you deeper into the tunnel. You came up close to the glass. It was dark but some how so bright at the same time. The beautiful blue color created such a relaxing environment and the colors of the coral reefs and fish swimming about were breath taking. You stared in amazement and you saw dolphins swim right over the dome. You smiled so big your cheeks hurt. There was light music playing and Jay wandered around the tunnel as well with his hands in his pockets. A few times he called you over to look at something and you completely geeked out when you saw turtles swimming past you. They really made this part feel like an actual ocean and it was magnificent. It was like looking at a scene that made you want to cry but if you took a picture of it the emotion wouldn't be there. It was a moment where the emotion could only be felt in person. The real beauty could only be captured in real time and if you blinked you'd be upset that you missed a single moment. You were disappointed you had to leave but you were also happy he'd taken you in the first place. He led you back to the car and you assumed he was taking you to either eat or back home but instead you two arrived at the beach and he pulled up to a restaurant. He opened your door and said, "Wait out here for me okay baby I need to go check on something." he kissed your cheek and headed into the building. You stayed by the car and looked out at the beautiful water hitting the sand. You loved the beach you were happy he was doing something simple and he wasn't going all out, aside from renting out the aquarium. He came back out only after a few minutes and you smiled, "Finish all your business?" you asked. "Yup now it's all about you. Come on let's walk down the boardwalk I'll get you something." he said. "Jay you don't have to get me anything you've done enough." you laughed. "I don't understand why you argue you know I'm going to do it anyway." he smiled down at you. He kissed you again then you two headed down the boardwalk. He bought you cotton candy, which you shared and you both got bracelets to match each others. You spent time talking as you walked down the boardwalk and you two took pictures together. You both bought balloons and he told you to make a wish. You closed your eyes and felt his hands cover yours as you made your wish. When you opened your eyes, you both released your balloons together. He gave you a deep kiss, his hands coming up to your face and his lips covering yours moving slow. A little moan escaping your mouth as your bodies got closer. You two stayed on the boardwalk until the sun fell. He knew you liked watching the sun set over the water. He led you back to the restaurant he parked at and brought you inside. A waiter came to you two with a bow and he greeted you both by name while also wishing you a happy birthday. You turned to Jay with a smile and he looked down at you holding your hand in his, "What?" he said innocently. "What are you planning?" "Mostly world domination." he joked. You chuckled when he kissed your nose. You two were sat at your table by your waiter and you ordered your drinks. You were given a complimentary glass of water while you waited. Jay reached into his pocket after the waiter left and said, "Alright time for your real present." "Jay no this is enough." you said. "Nothing is ever enough for you babe." he said placing a black box on the table. You looked at it and then him. You reached for the box and opened it up. Your face lit up as you looked at the necklace inside. A dog with with diamonds as his body. You covered your mouth and giggled a little, your eyes were watering up a little. "How did you know?" you asked. "Simon said he heard you liked it because it reminded you of PJ and Oscar." "Why do you do this? Honestly with all the money you've spent on me in the past year alone I should be able to buy another house, paid off." Jay laughed, "I just want to show you how much I love you." "Hugs, kisses, breakfast in bed not a twenty-four karat diamond necklace. Honestly Jay I like little things and you've given me so much already you need to stop. I don't want you thinking that's why I'm with you." you laughed. "Do you like it?" he asked smiling. "I love it." "Then nothing else matters." You chuckled wiping your tears. "Why are you like this?" you said. "Y/n do have any idea how much you affect me?" You shook your head, "There are days when I'm on tour and I can't stop thinking about you and how much I wish you could be with me when I'm gone. Most girls would get jealous because I have to be around models and sexy dancers and the things I do in my music videos yet you encourage me to be me without fail. You have no desire to change me or my style, you take me as I am. Sometimes I think I'll come home and you won't be there, you won't want to come back because I work so much and I'm away a lot but I'm so happy you stay. I'm not buying you things because I feel like you want me too. I'm not even doing it to keep you by my side but if I'm capable of giving you the world why shouldn't I? I just want you to see how much I appreciate you. If I can make you happy then I will." You gave him a soft smile, "You make me happy. You coming home after a long tour and slipping into bed next to me makes me happy. I love your hugs and your kisses all over my face. I love you, I'm not saying you have to stop but keep it to a minimum okay just come home to me that makes me happy." you said. "Deal. Here let me put it on you." he said. He stood up and took the necklace and you pushed your hair to the side. He snapped it together behind you and he pushed your hair back. He came down to your neck to kiss your neck making you gasp. He hummed and you felt his lips form a smile on your skin. You bit your lip, your eyes were low and his lips came to your ear, "Baby girl if we weren't in public I'd take you right now." "Jay calm down." you giggled. "You want me too don't you? I'm gonna be so good to your body tonight." he said seductively in your ear. You turned to face him and pushed his face away from you. He laughed and sat down, you two ordered and after dinner he had the other waiters come to your table to sing happy birthday to you. They brought you a cake with sparklers in it and a free bottle of champagne. You were so embarrassed but you had so much fun. He even took you to the dance floor to dance with you. It was around the bar area, the restaurant really had everything. He spun you around and wrapped his arms around you. His chest to your back and his lips by your neck. "Did you enjoy your birthday?" he asked lowly. "It was more than I expected but I loved every bit of it." "Baby girl it's not over yet just wait until I get you home and in bed." He said. You laughed, he really wanted you and he really had you. He wasn't wrong he doesn't disappoint. He did have to go back to work the next few days as well as you and when he was out in L.A one of your friends, who was part of AOMG staff, sent you a video of Jay on stage. "Aye, listen up today is my girl's birthday and I'm so grateful for her she makes me so happy. She's put up with my dumbass for two years, so can you guys do me a favor? At the count of three scream Happy Birthday Y/N. Can y'all do that for me?" Jay said. The crowd screamed yes and you laughed, "Alright one, two, three!" Jay counted "Happy Birthday Y/N!" everyone shouted. "Happy Birthday baby girl I'll be home soon." He said. You laughed at the video and texted your friend a thank you then sent a text to Jay. Y/N: You're an idiot. Thank you. Jaebae: I love you. Mwah! Y/n: I love you too. Jaebae: Have that body ready for me when I come home baby girl. Y/N: Pabo! You laughed to yourself while holding the necklace he'd given you. All in all, it was a pretty great birthday....
@babydollbre that was so darn cute. @royalpandajedi hahahaha... happy birthday chicka
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