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Hi hi!!!! I have another part for you! I should say sorry for how it starts, but I can't, I find it too funny lol. So this is divided into 2, the first part is in Keri's view, the second half is in Yoongi's view!
Keri view*** It came! The first time I had been so excited that I saw blood. Quickly I pulled out my phone and dialed yoongi. Yea, he was going to get some information he didn't need to know. When he answered I couldn't help it but say it right away. 'Yoongi it came!" I exclaimed. "Uh what came?" He asked confused. "My time of the month" I said. There was a collective gasp and then all hell broke loose. "That is so gross!" "Yo to much info Keri!" "Didn't need to know that!' "Why would you share that!" "Oh my god I know you two" A loud gasp and it switched gears. "Nooo! You didn't yoongi!" "Please tell me you used protection!" "No they didn't that's why she's monitoring it and told him" "You defiled my baby boy!' "Why do I find out like this!" "Guys shut up!" Yoongi finally exclaimed. "Uh Keri I'm sorry you were on speaker" he added. Oh the mortification. That was embarrasing, not to mention them going straight to realizing they had unprotected sex. "Keri you there? I took you off speaker" Yoongi said. "I'm here. Why was I on speaker?" I asked. "The guys wanted to say hi. We all just got to the stage area when you called" he told me. "Oh. That's right. Are you practicing at the stage during the day then? Hmm thought you would be at your hotel" I said confused. It was the first concert. I wouldn't see him until a couple concerts down the way. "So does this mean your not pregnant?" He asked making me laugh. "Oh yes. I know, I know, I took the test and got the morning after pill, but I wouldn't have been a 100% until it came" I told him. "The morning after pill?" He asked confused. "Didn't I tell you?" I asked. "You must've forgotten" he said. "Well I'm glad you told me for certain your not" I could hear the smile in his voice. "So did you finish your book?" He asked. "Yes! I'm doing a bit of editing with Oggi later today" I told him. We talked for another couple minutes about what our plans for the day was before we hung up with each other. I got a text from Tae, yup one day after getting them drinks Tae took my phone and put his number in, then kg got passed around leaving me with all their numbers and them with mine. 'Why couldn't you give me a baby to play with' Tae wrote. 'You never told me you already did it' 'I'm going to go tease yoongi now :)' "Oh gosh Tae." I laughed at the messages "you guys are so bad" I told myself. "Keri you ready to work again?" Oggi asked as I came back and sat down. "Yes, let's do this!" I grinned. We got down to work.
Yoongi view**** When I came back from that phone call with Keri the guys were all waiting standing there staring at me. "Min yoongi you should know better" Jin said. "You tell him, scold him for not being smart" Jimin said. "What would happen if she did get pregnant?* Namjoon asked. "Guys it was once, we were caught in the moment." I defended himself "this is weird, can we not talk about my sex life" it was starting to feel weird. "Because you could have effected your future if you got a girl pregnant" Jin pointed out. "But She's not and she took the precautions of taking a pill after and taking a test" I told them. "What if she didn't?" Jin asked. "Keri's a smart girl." I said. "Guess can we stop we have to practice for tonight" I complained hoping they would end. "Yes, I want to check this stadium out and see the lighting they have planned" Hobi said. "Fine, but don't you ever not use a condom again" Jin said. "Here, for next time" Jimin pulled out a condom from his wallet and handed it to me with a wink. Oh that seemed wrong, but curious as to why he had one on him. The next half hour the group of them checked out the stage and lighting and practiced for that night.  The doors would open in 2 hours and it was hair and make up, but first we went out to get some food.  When we came back people were lined up around the building, signs and lights in their hands. It looked like a good turn out, inside they would know for sure if all the seats were filled. Hair and make up took up time and I texted Keri constantly, letting her know all the excitmeng I was feeling and how nervous I was. Her reassuring words that I would do great helped a lot. I just thought this is like practice, just with a bunch of people watching me, watching us. Thank you smart kooki for reminding me Keri wasn't at this show but the next one, in 2 days. Tae said it was a test run and I could flirt with the audience all I wanted tonight, next time I'd have to look for keri and make moony eyes at her only. She was in seats just behind the pit though so it would be harder to see her. Once I tuned them out and there teasing I cleared my mind and went on stage. The crowd was huge. It was wild! I loved the energy the fans gave off and motivated me to work even harder.
Lol yup, had to wait a part before that incident could get mention again. lol Oh the boys! Finding out about their sex lives and making their comments, lol the way they think, one moment just harmless teasing then wait! why would she tell you this, you messed up, you two didn't! You did! lol oh I can imagine! lol So their tour started and concerts begin! Next will be Keri going to the concert Oh that'll be fun!!!!! Now special note!!!! I won't be updating this weekend, I'm going on an overnight trip and not sure if I'll get a chance to write.
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I love the reaction out of the guys and for some reason I read that as "Don't ever use a condom again" 😂😂😂 and awwww, Yoongi cried! I'm so proud of them even though I FRICKIN KEPT FORGETTING TO VOTE AND I MISSED ALL 3 MUSIC AWARD SHOWS! I have a busy weekend.
lol omo that would be so funny if he actually said that. but nope Jiminie gotta randomly have a codom he just hands over right after that line like here buddy be safe lol. yoongi, kooki, and a couple of the others looked like they cried as they accepted the award it was so touching! 💙😢
Omo the beginning, laughing really hard to where you can't breath while sick equals seriously not being able to breath, it was completely worth it. 😂😂😂 Enjoy your weekend though! I'm excited to see what's up next for these two when Keri gets to see him perform finally. 😄
lol oh no I hope you feel better! and thank you. hoping to get in Christmas spirit with a Christmas walk in a different town lol. yes I excited as to see how keri will like the bts concert lol 😁😉😄
Jin is going to end up putting a whole box of condoms on Yoongi's desk or bed or something. I could see him pulling Keri aside and lecturing her too.
I'm a little late to the party this time (been packing to move in a month) whooooh how awkward is that!... I would be mortified 🙈... Yeah I bet they gave him one hell of a lecture! I wont be surprised if she gets one too! but I'm happy for them hehe yay! to soon for a baby one the way, Sorry uncle Tae is gonna have to wait a while longer...🤔😏 hehehe^^
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Thanks you! ~ excited for more^^
Alright I'm caught up....yay you read this to me last night...it was like a bed time story lol