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Who is my NCT Bias?

Definitely Lee Teayong


at this


Me :Oppa do you know how cute you are?
Taeyong: Yup Me: Oh well damn.
That smile and laugh is too adorable. Seriously this boy is so rude, with all these new groups I thought I was on noona status but not only is Tae taller than me he's older than me by a month. Rudeness. lol In all honesty though, I admire Taeyong a lot. He got emotional about his past and seemed genuine in his apologies for what he had done. He's moving forward with his life and seems to know better now, he's not letting those past mistakes hinder him either he's learned from them and that is why I bias him. I wish him nothing but success in his career along with the rest of NCT.
Yasss! Oh my gosh, yas😂!
lol 😂😂😂
OMG! Are you for real! Taeyong is my bias from NCT too 😂
Yes I'm so happy he's getting love. honestly it was between him Ten but Taeyong caught me eye plus his "scandal" I feel like he deserves love
😱😱😱😱........I see we have similar taste hahaha 😂😂
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RIGHT!!!! Its like the cutest smile ever❤❤❤