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Hello Everyone!

I hope all of you are enjoying this special event so far. But, before I go on onto talking about Hyungwon I want to let you guys know that I have made everyone's life a little easier. I have created a collection called "Monsta X 101: Get To Know Monsta X", so if you don't want to miss a card for this two week event or if you want to look back to study your Monsta X knowledge please do go into the Collection and follow it.

Where were we? Oh Yes~ ^^

Basic Hyungwon Information

•Full Name: Chae Hyungwon •Date of Birth: January 15, 1994 •Height: 5'11" •Blood Type: O •Monsta X Position: Dancer, Visual, Vocal (Didn't know if to put it because tbh it doesn't seem like it -_- but let's pray for parts..)

Pre-debut Friendships

•NCT Hansol •Big Bang Seungri's Sister: She posted on her Instagram asking to support during All In Promotions.

Art School & Idol School Reunion

Hyungwon attended Joy Dance and Plug In Music Academy along with EXID Hyerin, BTS J-Hope, B.A.P Zelo, BIGSTAR Sunghak, LADIES CODE Huni, and AFOS Zett. I made a card a while back with this information. Click Here to see card. Minhyuk and I.M also attended the same academy.


• W Hotel & CeCi fashion show (stated in No.Mercy ep.2) **In the video below he is seen in the beggining and towards the end.

Modeling Video

Pre-Debut KpopStar4 Performance

• Two months before Monsta X officially debuted Hyungwon was featured in Grace Shin - Only Look At Me performance in KpopStar4.

Love For Traveling

•Parents own traveling agency •When he was younger he used to work in his parent's traveling agency.

School Day Nickname

•Hyungwon had a nickname "Dooly" while growing up in school because he had chubby cheeks.

Audition Songs

Sang: •All of Me - John Legend •I can't - 2PM Performed: •hip-hop and urban dance

No. Mercy Solo Performance

•No.Mercy is the survivor show of Starship trainees that were competing to be in the new group called Monsta X. No Diggity and Hold On We're Going Home
That was all for today's Hyungwon Lesson. Take a break. You deserve it~ :) See You Tomorrow Again and remember to follow the collection!

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