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So this morning (by this morning I meant 12am) I was trying to find the live stream, I was up all night...with no sleep whatsoever searching for the live stream did I mention ITS FRIDAY?! anyways, I watched the live stream on Daily motion and they were announcing the award for Best New Female Group and I thought it would be BLACKPINK was I.O.I
BTS Congratulations to BTS for Artists of The Year and Best Dance Performance Male Group having a total of 2 MAMAs. Rap Mon's speech Yoongi cried (I've never seen him cry before, that got me emotional) along with Jungkook, Jin and their group hug
EXO Congratulations to EXO for Album of The Year, Best Male Group and Best Asian Style having a total of 3 MAMAs. Why does people putting hate on Lay? like wtf? His speech was perfect. Anyways I'm so proud of them
GOT7 Congratulations to GOT7 for Worldwide Favorite Artist. I'm so happy!
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People are taking what Lay said the wrong way. I think he meant that EXO would like to always be on top, but he know someday a younger/newer group will win over them.