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안녕하세요 my Loverlys!! KPopBeat here with the next chapter of Oppa! Now I feel like I am always apologizing for being late on posting... I know I am bad about posting my fanfics.... but I thank you for putting up with my none scheduled life... and I hope my editor doesn't kill me for forgetting what day of the week it is and not posting when I should be....
Anyways!! This chapter is a sweet little number and I once again cut out another major scene..... BUT.... I will be writing that one for Monday's episode. I hope you enjoy!
If you haven't read the chapters before this... please take a look see here
Now on to
Chapter 6: Friends
The trees whizzed by my window in bright shades of green while the blue sky sat peacefully clear above. To say I wasn’t happy to finally escape the never ending questions of journalists and fans would be a lie. Oppa had gotten SM to write an official statement clarifying our relationship and for the most part all of the overly crude questions had come to a halt…. Sadly, the interest in me had not died down though. People were now curious to know more about the famous Siwon’s baby sister. Hate had turned to curiosity but my peace still had yet to come back…. That is why we are here, in this car, for the last… er… who knows how long.
Oppa had talked SM into letting us take a mini vacation to a small village out in the country. He had made a good argument about my needing time to regroup before my training began. To be honest I was extremely surprised that they would agree to let us go.
So here we are, driving to who knows where in who knows what part of the country and I am yet again surrounded by kpop idols. Super Junior M’s Henry had tagged along for the trip claiming he was interested in meeting his hyung’s little sister, and I was happy to have him along. Even I knew he was ubber talented… I may or may not have talked him into playing a complicated piano piece back at SM before we left. Oppa had just shook his head at me and told me I was too obsessed with the instrument. Along with Oppa and Henry, Kyuhyun and Donghae had tagged along. I was starting to wonder if they never left Oppa’s side.
The car ride had been rather quiet for my liking but I guess after having a horde of cameras stuck in my face when leaving the SM building this morning, I was perfectly okay with the sense of calm that filled the car.
“You okay?” My attention turned away from the passing greenery to Kyuhyun who sat next to me in the back seat.
“I am okay now. I think getting away for a short weekend trip was a good idea.” I smiled as best as I could.
“You know the publicity comes with the job of an idol right?” Kyuhyun said teasingly.
“Yes I know that!” I let my lip fall into a pout getting a laugh in return. “I just think it was all so sudden. I hadn’t expected to be in the spotlight overnight. I had figured I would go into training and then later on I would gain attention from the media and fans.”
I watched his head nod in understanding. “It was a bit unexpected. No one expected there to be a camera present… but at least Siwon was able to get the rumors cleared up before we left.”
“That’s true. It could have been a lot worse I guess.” It could have been really bad. Thankfully people had calmed down since the announcement and I wasn’t being quite as attacked.
Kyuhyun smiled at me before opening his mouth to speak, only to be cut off by the sound of his phone ringing. I watched as he tried to reach in and pull it out of his pocket without disturbing the sleeping Henry on his other side, before turning my attention back to the window. Hopefully this drive would be over soon. My butt was starting to go numb.
Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! My eyes took in everything around me, completely mesmerized by the hanok that spread out before me… now for those of you who do not know what a hanok is… well it is a traditional Korean home. If you have ever watched a historical kdrama you would know exactly what I am talking about. The one we stood in now looked like something someone of noble class would have owned back in the Joseon era. I felt as if I had walked into my TV screen and joined one of the many historical dramas I have watched over the years. To be honest I half expected women in hanboks (traditional Korean dress) to walk around the corner to greet us.
My eyes scanned over the empty space of the courtyard and up to the tiled roofs and paper doors and windows. I hadn’t known they even still made these types of houses… but Oppa had told me that there are many villages in Korea that still uphold the traditions of the Josen era. Having left Korea when I was still young I find I still know nothing about my home country.
“Do you think it was smart to bring klutz back there to a place with paper doors and windows?” I was dragged out of my racing imagination by Donghae who seemed to watch me with amusement as I stared around in awe.
“She will just have to be extra careful.” Siwon said back with a chuckle.
“Well I guess if she does fall through the window a paper cut is better than shards of glass.”
I felt my face twitch as I openly glared at Donghae. He just didn’t know when to stop. Why did Oppa have to bring him along?
“She will be fine! I will make sure no windows, doors, flowers, walls, or bricks are broken on our trip!” I gasped as I playfully hit the teasing Kyuhyun on his arm.
“I am not that klutzy!” I announced…. Now have you ever heard the saying ‘knock on wood’ or ‘don’t count your chickens before they hatch’? Well I really should watch what I say sometimes. I made my way to the stone steps that would lead me into one of the many little houses in courtyard….. And…. yup! You guessed it… tripped. I reached out to catch myself before my face smashed into the wood floor. The impact was harsh… but not because I hit the ground. Oppa had managed to catch the back of my shirt keeping me from completely imprinting my face on the polished floor…. But…. he also succeeded in choking me with my own clothing.
“Nari, you okay?” I coughed as I shot my brother a thumbs up.
I didn’t have to look at Donghae to know he was probably laughing to himself and giving me one of those ‘I told you so’ looks I seem to get way too often. I managed to catch my breath and let Henry and Kyuhyun help me back to my feet. “You really should be more careful Princess.” I watched as Donghae pushed passed us to enter the building a smug smile on his lips. “Can’t have you breaking the place.”
Get some sleep he said…. We are going to wake up early and I will need my rest he told me…. What sleep!?! How do people manage to sleep on floors? Sure the blanket thingy on the floor was soft but the floor is still as hard as a rock! I tossed to my other side for the millionth time tonight and let out a heavy sigh. The place was beautiful and I completely adored everything about it… well… everything but the lack of beds.
I stared up at the door watching the light flicker in through the paper in a soft orange glow. Maybe a walk would help me fall asleep. Throwing my blanket off of my sleepless body I dragged myself up and headed for the door.
A soft breeze brushed my exposed skin only reminding me I had completely forgotten to bring a jacket with me. The crisp air seemed to only put my sense on higher alert and I wondered if I should have just stayed in my hard but warm bed on the floor. My gaze drifted over to the other rooms the guys were sleeping in, which not to my surprise, were dark and filled with the sounds of soft snores and the occasional sleeping grumble.
“They could probably sleep through an earthquake.” I mused as I made my way to the main courtyard. Dim lights were placed every so often to shed light on the seemingly endless shadows. Well at least I won’t be wondering around in complete darkness. Me in the dark in an unfamiliar place? Yea that would have ended with at least a few bumps and bruises.
“What are you doing up?”
I jumped as I turned around to find Kyuhyun looking at me curiously. “Kyuhyun! You scared me!” I screamed in a soft whisper.
A soft chuckled sounded in his chest as a bright smile beamed on his face. “I wasn’t tired and decided to go for a walk. What are you doing up?”
“Floors are not meant to sleep on.” I pouted.
Kyuhyun laughed again and nodded his head. “I guess if you’re not used to it it could be hard to manage.”
“Tell me about it. Can I join you?”
“Of course.”
We walked around silently enjoying the sound of the late night wildlife and the trees rustling in the leaves. I can’t remember the last time I was at such a peaceful place. My father worked in a big company so we had always lived in a big city. Buildings, bustling people, horrible traffic, starless nights, and endless noise 24/7. Here I could look up and lose count trying to number the stars and to step out of the lighted bubble cast by the beautifully crafted lanterns would mean to enter a world of blinding darkness.
“You like it here?”
My attention shot back to Kyuhyun and I nodded. “I love it… you know except the sleeping on the floor part.”
“Well since the point of the hanok is the heated floor it would be pointless to sleep on a bed.”
“Heated floor or not.. You should not deprive a girl of a bed.” I said pointedly. “But despite that I am loving it. Thank you for bringing me.”
“You have to thank Donghae and Siwon for that.”
“Donghae?” My eyebrow shot up in curiosity. “Why would I thank him?”
“He found this place and Siwon talked SM into letting us come.”
As always Super Junior works together well. I hadn’t known Donghae had suggested this place. With how he had picked on me about the paper doors I never would have guessed. Hm looks like he is just full of surprises. “What about you? I can’t imagine you get much in the way of peace with being a big idol.”
Kyuhyun nodded his head. “It’s nice to escape every now and then. I love being an idol though. The fans make it worth it despite the problem of being tired and constantly watched.”
I watched curiously as his face lit up at the mention of his fans. It was true an idol was nothing without their fans and most idols knew this. Watching idols come and go because of something they did to upset the fans made most idols walk on eggshells, and I fear that one day I will be another person joining the eggshell walk to my dreams… know… if I ever make it that far.
A gust of wind brought my chilled body back to the realization it needed to get inside before it froze… but as I turned to tell Kyuhyun I was going back in a large jacket was being draped over my shoulders. “Why would you come out without a jacket? Are you trying to get sick?” I watched as soft smile crinkled his nose and a look in his eyes I wasn’t sure how to interpret looked down at me.
“I kind of forgot to bring one with me.” I mumbled embarrassed over my mistake. “But here.. “I reached up to pull the jacket off of my shoulders. “I was going to go inside since it was cold anyways. No need for you to freeze.”
I reached out with the jacket to hand it back to him only to watch him turn on his heels and start to walk away. “Come on then. I will walk you back.” He smiled over his shoulder. “And keep the jacket. I brought another one so you can use that one while we are here.”
Kyuhyun was always so sweet to me. He had hung out with me when I had first gotten to Korea and he snuck me out when my brother had me held hostage, made time to come support me for my addition, and even took time out of his busy schedule to come to this remote place with me. If there was one thing I could say about him for sure… it was that he was a great friend.
Well that is all for this chapter of Oppa! Isn't Kyuhyun just a sweetie? I hope you look forward to next weeks chapter... I have special things planned for our klutzy heroine.
Until Next time Loverlys!!
@KPopBeat OUT!!!
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