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Alright I have been meaning to update the last 2 days but kept getting here it is the next chapter of Kookie monster. If you missed the last chapter click here
The next day Sarah called and set up an appointment to make sure. But it was set for Thursday Sarah knew it be hard on Jenni to keep this a secret from Namjoon. One day Kookie came over when Jenni had left to talk to Namjoon about the plans on moving in. Until they were 100% certain Sarah was pregnant Jenni was still set to move in with Namjoon. "So how are you feeling about this?" Kookie asked rubbing Sarah's arm as they laid on her bed staring at each other. "I'm fine, at first I was upset but...I mean I figured it was bound to happen." "What are you going to do?" He asked "I'll have to find a one bedroom I guess." "Why don't you move In with me." Kookie said causing Sarah to look him in the eyes. "Like just us two?" she asked "No, I mean that is a goal but for now...I want to stay around the guys, I like the family vibe we have." He laughed "Ah yeah family." Sarah said looking down. Too bad he doesn't want this type of family now. "Don't you like that idea? Then you wouldn't be alone." "Until you guys left for tour or something." "Well at that point Jenni comes and stays at the dorm too." She had to admit it did sound like a better plan than living alone. 'Meow' Sarah looked down and saw Suga jump up on her bed. "Aww come her Suga" She said and clicked her tongue in her mouth. Suga came and rubbed up on Sarah as she pet her. "So?" Kookie asked "I like that idea so I'm good with it." "Awesome." He smiled and kissed her. They stayed like that until Jenni came back and Kookie headed back out with Namjoon. "So did you hear that they would be busy for a fee days?" Jenni asked "Yeah, that's ok the more you aren't around Namjoon the better till I go to the doctor." Sarah said with a smile. "I will try my hardest but if he were to ask questions I couldn't lie to him." Jenni said. "Fair enough." Sarah was ready to get her mind off of the subject and wanted it to be Monday already so the show could distract her. Sunday went by fast and then it was Monday morning. Sarah was tired and wanted coffee but then was worried about it affecting the baby. "I don't think you will have a problem, it's alcohol and drugs you want to avoid." Jenni said pulling her towards the coffee shop. "Are you sure?" "Yes!" Jenni said pulling her inside and having her order something. "You need to not freak out, everything you do I ok minus the drinks but you can easily give that up right?" Jenni asked as they waited for their drinks. " of course" "good." They had small talk until they got their drinks and headed to the studio. The morning show went by fast there wasn't much to talk about yet it was the normal small talk then music and info on the weather for the day and any news. For the break between shows they went home and played with Suga and ate then went back. "Good afternoon listeners!!! You are here with Diamond and Ruby!" "Hello everyone I hope everyone's morning was good." "Oh Ruby our morning was great! Listeners to you want to know what has happened?" "Diamond what are you talking about?" Jenni asked "Oh you know Ruby. Ladies and gentlemen...Ruby has officially gotten a live animal." "Oh yeah I did." "Yeah over the weekend she brought it home and I could not say no." "Diamond it was so cute! And it's a munchkin." Jenni smiled and did a little dance in her seat. "Yeah, I'm glad you didn't name it Panda." "That would be too many panda’s then. Plus the name you picked fits her really well." "I still thank you for that." Sarah said with a smile. "Callers do you want to guess the name? Call in with your guesses." Jenni said After a few seconds the lines lit up. At first some of the listeners were shocked that she really was allowed a pet because Diamond was very clear on pets. Then the names they guess ranged from normal names to weird names and they did even have some members of bts thrown in there, but Noone got it right." "Alright, since Noone guessed it was a member of BTS wasn't the ones you guessed. " Diamond said "It's name is Suga! it fits her so well." Jenni squealed and laughed. Over the next few hours they went over several things and listened to a bunch of music. Then the end of the show came and they went out to eat. Today was a day they had dramas to watch a they did just that and even after work the next morning they came back and watched more. Near the end of Tuesday afternoon Sarah started having pains and right when the show ended Sarah went to the bathroom. Jenni waited outside. Sarah came out freaking out. "Jenni I need to go to the hospital." "What's wrong?" "I'm bleeding." the look on Jenni's face of realizing what was happening freaked her friend out and they quickly left. "Should we call Kookie?" Jenni asked as they sat in the cab. "No not yet." Sarah was determined to not worry about it until after they got to the hospital. Sarah and Jenni sat in a room for quite a while and then finally the doctor came back with news. "I'm sorry ma'am it looks like you are no longer pregnant." He said and started explaining how that could happen during the first month of pregnancy, but Sarah wasn't listening. She was upset over it happening. "Alright well get your paperwork finished and get you discharged soon." the doctor said and left the room. "Jenni can you leave me alone for a minute." Sarah said and Jenni nodded and walked out of the room. She just shut the door when she heard Sarah start crying. She felt bad for her friend and thought of one thing that might help Sarah feel better.
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Time for Kookie cuddles and Mama Jin's comfort food. Plus it's Jin's bday tomorrow.
oh I feel so sad for Sarah, to have that happen. such a big shock and then no one to comfort her. I doubt she wants kooki right there right now too cuz he has no clue what just happened 😭😭😭
I agree with @JaxomB Kookie cuddles will make her feel better...and maybe chocolate lol
Aww, poor Sarah, was it a miscarriage or a false alarm or?
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Aww, poor Sarah, what will happen now?