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Screaming in front of your screen? Sobbing uncontrollably hoping no one will see you? Loving these characters like you actually know them? Yeah, that emotional roller coaster is what a great drama will do to you. Some shows take some time to develop, but there are a few that grab you from the moment you lay your eyes on them, leaving you wanting more. Inspired by the release of Fragile, whose first 3 minutes are must-see TV, here are 7 dramas with some of the best opening scenes out there! 1. FRAGILE In 3 minutes you get a shocking revelation that would tear any family apart, done in a very tasteful and low-key manner. No crazy screams or slaps, just a woman in real emotional pain that comes from deep within after a massive betrayal: 2. PADAM PADAM The show opens with a close-up of a man enjoying his food, but something is not right. Seconds later, Kang Chill’s name is called and he is taken to his final destination: death by hanging. These are just the first minutes of this addictive and intense supernatural drama: 3. LOST So much to love about the Lost pilot. Say what you want about the rest of the show (smoke monster, Nikki and Paulo, island moving) but the pilot was an action-packed, emotional masterpiece that sucks you right in from the beginning. It began with a close-up of a man’s eye opening in the middle of a bamboo forest, and as he got up and ran, awesomeness followed: 4. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES In just over a minute, the show introduces what you think will be another typical story about a suburban family and then literally changes completely in a bang. Mary Alice’s so-called ‘perfect’ life comes to a sudden end, and one can't help but want more: 5. TWO WEEKS The first two minutes of “Two Weeks” are so action packed and full of mystery that it is almost impossible to stop watching! There’s a car chase, murder, wrongful accusations and tons of emotions: 6. PUSHING DAISIES In a couple of minutes you get the quirky nature of this under appreciated show, which also manages to effortlessly explain Ned’s complicated power and pique viewers’ curiosity. The bright colors, playful music and unique narrator separated this show from the rest: 7. REVENGE “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” That captivating quote establishes the mood for the opening scene of Revenge. In a matter of minutes, we hear an excellent monologue from an angry woman looking for mortal vindication, and we see a man getting murdered by the beach as a lavish celebration takes place in The Hamptons in New York: Which other ones would you add?
yep...... totally agreed
just watched Padam Padam..I cried a lot..I love Kang Chil's character especially on how much he cared for Jung even after finding out that he is not his real son..their father and son relationship has touched me..tears after tears keep falling at the video chat scene..still can't get over with it..and also Kang Chil and his mother moment..Padam Padam is really a great drama for family.. ^^,.
@tyta468 I have the app on my phone!!!
@StephiiKins ..you can see almost everything in viki.com , on computer or cell phone just download the app for your phone, is free..
the only one I have actually watched out of these is Revenge...I don't have cable so everything I watch is at my fiance's parents. his mom records the show for me and we watch them together when he and I go up to see them.
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