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A little Appreciation; A Little Sadness

As many of you know, the devastating news of Taehyun leaving WINNER happened earlier this week. It left many angry, sad, and overall emotional. Although it hurts me, I feel like we should appreciate everything he left us with, everything he has proven to be. Nam Taehyun was a really big figure in my eyes, and he still is. His light will remain strong no matter what.

To show appreciation: I will highlight the main qualities (in my opinion) of Taehyun so we can remember how great he really is. The highlights will be none other than: ♪ A Talent he has ♪ A physical feature ♪ A little bit of his personality Other features will be on this card, they include: -quotes (from him or different poets) -two photos of him -two photos of the whole group.
In my heart, WINNER will forever be together.
Note: If you comment any negative things about YG, Taehyun, or WINNER, your comment will get deleted. I'm not putting up with it.
Taehyun is known for having a beautiful soothing voice, and has many singles along with covers of songs. Here are a few of those songs.
1). I'm Young 2). Confession 3). Lost Stars (Cover) 4). Pricked ft. Mino 5). But (WINNER)
Other than having a beautiful voice, this male also has the eyes to kill! I mean, just look into them!
Taehyun is well known for his sassy behavior, and many faces. He's very great!
Thank you, Taehyun. You've truly given us so much in so little time. Thank you for the times you've made us laugh, cry, fangirl, scream, etc. Those moments will truly stay with us on your way. We will accept you with open arms and a kiss to the cheek when you decide to come back. Stay healthy, and stay bright.


we should all support him in what ever he does now instead of being negative to yg and salty to anyone tbh
Amazing card ❤
Thank you! 💕
such a great card
Beautiful 😢😭