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Happy Saturday everyone!

I have been insanely busy the last couple of days but I thought that I would at least post this today! I hope you guys enjoy it! XD

Missed the other chapters or need a recap? I gotchu~

Chapter 6 - 'We should try again.'

Na Ra's P.O.V

"Can we see you Na Ra?" Junior suddenly asked, seeming a little eager at the question. I turned to look at him in surprise. H-He wants to see me? Junior does? I then turned to look back ahead, my eyes meeting Yugyeoms. I moved my eyes away and made the planchette spell out NOT YET. I then moved my head to look at Yugyeom once more to see that he was confused and didn't seem to understand why.
"I can't yet Yugyeom. I am not comfortable with that yet. Until then, I am only going to let you see me okay?" I said softly, trying to smile. Before he could say anything else to change my mind, I quickly vanished through the ceiling and escaped to the rooftop, not looking back.
After passing through the other two floors, I sat down on the roof, clutching my chest. My heart was racing. Why - I had no idea. Was it because I was nervous? Or was it because just the thought of Junior wanting to see me made me feel all these - butterflies.
I quickly shook my head dismissing the thought. I then patted my cheeks multiple times trying to tell my self that I was just believing what I wanted to. There is no way he would know who I am. We had never even talked once before I died.
More confused than before, my mind kept on replaying the whole ouija scene over and over. I placed my face in my heads, knowing that I was doomed for exposing myself. I lifted my face from my hands and looked up to sky, giving a deep sigh. What's my next move? Get closer to them? Now that I have revealed myself I can't not communicate with them. They will keep asking about me. Maybe I was too careless...answering all those questions like that. But what can I say... I miss being around real people. Even if they can't see me.
I chuckled a little at my eagerness to talk to the boys. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened my eyes I almost ghosted my pants.
"DEAR ALMIGHTY- What did I say about you scaring me every time you appeared?" I was staring right at you as you grinned mischievously above me, laughing at how I squirmed. You shrugged, not caring and floated down to take a seat next to me. "You and your magical appearing acts. Why did you come this time?" I pondered, trying to see if I could get something out of you.
You then proceeded to pull out your phone again, making me raise an eyebrow. You fingers started to flitter across the screen and before I could even ask what you were doing, you shoved the screen in my face.
"I wanted to see Jackson naked." I reread it again, making sure I read it right when I burst out laughing.
"Oh okay, creep. I see what your game here is." Confused you looked back down at the screen and your eyes widened. You quickly shook your hands as if trying to dismiss what I read before. You then went to another screen and started typing again. After you finished, I stared at the screen once more.
"I sensed that something was wrong. Are you okay?" My smile suddenly faded as I read the text. I looked over at your face to see you giving me a faint smile. I didn't know what to do.
"Y-You could feel that I was worried over something? Interesting..." I looked away but not moments later, you showed me the screen once more.
"I don't know how to explain it. I just feel these sensations and that is when I show up." You nodded after showing me the message, as if to make sure I understand what you were trying to convey. I was puzzled, to say the least. Are we connected in someway?
"Well, that is weird. But it is kind of cool. You are pretty awesome...despite your obsession with those guys and their bodies." I chuckled, remembering the night when you practically tried to force yourself on Yugyeom. You rolled your eyes and stuck your tongue out at me, laughing silently along with me. My laughter then faded away, leaving me with the feeling I was before you showed up. I sighed again, trying to figure out what to do when your phone light went into my field of vision.
"Seriously though. Is something wrong? Did something happen with the guys?"
I then glanced over again and with no one else to talk to, I told you everything that happened. You were surprised, mainly at the fact that they were so calm talking to a ghost but you understood where I was coming from.
"What are you going to do now?" You typed, saying the exact thing I was thinking earlier.
"I guess... Just hang out with them. Maybe get to know them a little better. Who knows. At this point, I just don't want to scare them off." I mumbled. You nodded, aware that the some of the boys get scared easily so it wasn't going to be easy to communicate with them.
All of the sudden, your eyes widened and you started typing on your phone once again. Confused, I waited to see what you were trying to tell me when you suddenly vanished into the thin air. No good-byes or anything. I was shocked and weirded out, especially since you seemed to be typing so frantically only moments before.
As if sensing my slight fear, Minnie appeared and walked her way over to me. I smiled as I saw her and gladly sat with my legs together so that she could sit on my lap. She gladly climbed in, quickly made muffins with her tiny paws, and fell asleep all curled up in a ball. I gently stroked her fur, still nervous about your disappearance. But I told myself that you would be back. Because you wouldn't leave me after everything that has happened. Right?

Yugyeom's P.O.V

"All right, I can't take this anymore. I was not able to sleep at all last night because of what happened. Did any of you?" Youngjae said, breaking the awkward silence between the seven of us. We all had to wake up early for our photoshoot that our manager had planned for us today. We were all exhausted and now, after sitting through hours of make-up and then even more hours of cameras flashing non-stop, we were now having lunch at one of our most frequented places. The six of them had said nothing about last night until now. We all turned to look at Youngjae and stared, shocked that he had brought it up.
"Well, I didn't. It's just too...creepy." BamBam added, fumbling around with the food that was left on his plate. He then sat his fork down and sighed loudly. "I mean, we just moved into that house and now it is haunted? With a girl who was murdered there nonetheless?" None of us answered him, knowing that what he was saying is true. It's definitely...not a normal situation.
"She seemed nice though. Maybe we should try talking to her again," Mark piped, throwing his idea out there. I instantly got nervous. The thought of Na Ra and the members with the Ouija board again made me... frustrated? I paused for a second. Why am I upset?
"I don't know Mark. What if she has...ulterior motives," Jackson exaggerated, making us all wonder just what he had going on in that brain of his.
"Ulterior motives?" Jaebum repeated.
"I mean...we can't see her but she can see us. Anytime she wants to. What if she does-"
"I don't think so." I suddenly said, getting a little peeved that Jackson would say such a thing. But he doesn't know Na Ra, so I could kind of understand where he was coming from. "I feel like if that was the case, we would all be missing pairs of underwear or pieces of hair by now. She wouldn't have talked to us if that was what she was doing." I stared down at my food as I talked, not wanting to meet the member's eyes.
"I think so too." Junior piped after not having said a word the whole conversation. "We should just give her a chance. She probably left in a panic last night because we asked so many questions. We should try again." He became silent after talking and just continued to eat as the other five exchanged glances. I looked over to see that Junior was staring at me. Startled, I gave him a small smile and quickly looked back down. Why is he...
"Okay, okay." Jaebum said. "Since you two are so adamant on giving her another shot, it wouldn't hurt to talk to her once more. Let's try when we get home." He stated. The rest of us nodded, knowing that once he decided something, it was futile to go against it. I picked up a piece of leftover beef and stuffed it into my mouth, slightly more worried than before. Don't worry Na Ra, I will protect you. I promise.

Na Ra's P.O.V

"Ohhh, so this is what a boy's room looks like," I said, sneaking into one of the rooms. It was cleaner than I expected. There wasn't any clothes on the ground and the bed was neatly made. Damn, this dude is a neat freak. The room was disappointing to be honest, so I went into another room to only gape at what I saw.
Countless shirtless pictures of one of the members. Everywhere. Not even wanting to dare enter that room, I quickly closed the door and shivered. I then went to the next room to find it piled with clothes. It was like a pit. I could probably dive straight into that pile and never find a way out.
Kind of disgusted, I closed that door as well. I then decided to try one more room, hoping that it wasn't as disturbing as the others before it. I slowly reached for the handle and turned it, peeking in before opening it the whole way. Seeing no laundry or naked photos, I pulled the door open fully and headed inside. The room was a little messy but it felt more...normal to put it nicely.
Being my nosy little self, I walked over to the desk to see a picture of the band together, smiling and laughing. I grinned, noticing how genuinely happy they each looked. I put it back down on the desk and noticed another picture in the back. My heart leaped a little at who was in the picture.
Junior. And his parents. They seemed adorable in a quirky sort of way. I reached for the frame and grabbed it, making sure to not drop it. I stared at the picture and noticed that Junior didn't look as happy in this one compared to the other one. Looking at it for way to long, I was about to put it back down when I noticed something in the corner of the picture.
I brought the frame closer to my face to see what it was. My eyes then widened when realizing what it was. Another picture? But why put it behind this one?
Dying of curiosity, I turned the frame around and went to open the back of it. My fingers wrapped around the piece of wood and pulled it back to see that it in fact was another picture. I laid the back down on the table and went to reach for the hidden picture when I heard a car door slam. Startled, I went to look out the window to see that they guys were back and almost to the front door. I then proceeded to panic.
I scrambled to put the wood back in the frame when the worst happened. My hand slipped and the frame fell to the ground. Lucky enough for me, the guys had just come in the door so they wouldn't have heard a thing but there was also bad news - the glass was slightly cracked. Shit. Shit. Shit.
Hearing the footsteps running up the stairs I quickly fit the piece back in the place and placed it on the desk. I then flew to the attic, wanting to get away from the crime scene and sighed in relief when I landed on the floor.
"What's wrong?" Yugyeom suddenly asked, making me jump.
"HOLY SHIT!" I said, the words leaving me before I could stop them. Yugyeom started laughing at my reaction. "God, I think I died all over again." I said, taking a seat on the ground to calm down.
"S-Sorry." Yugyeom apologized, trying to stifle his laughter. "You just looked panicked so I thought I would ask." He explained, glancing over at me.
"Well, I wasn't... until that. Geez... it was like a freaking jump scare you see in video games." I breathed out, laughing a little. "Hi, by the way." I said, giving him a small smile as he unpacked his bag.
"Hello to you too." He replied, returning the gesture. "So... I wanted to ask," He started, avoiding my gaze to focus on his backpack in front of him.
"Why did you leave like that last night?" He mumbled the question, almost making it a whisper. But to my dismay, I still heard the question, knowing that he was bound to ask it at some point. I sighed, loud enough for him to turn around and see what was wrong.
"Let's just say that it was little too much for me. All the explaining and then them wanting to see me...It was completely overwhelming." He lowered his eyes, understanding as to why I would be feeling that way. "But...it was definitely interesting to see what your band mates thought of the whole situation. They were pretty calm during the whole thing. Which was definitely unexpected considering they were talking to a dead girl." I saw him smile out of the corner of my eye.
"I was surprised too. Usually they are horrible with that kind of thing but I guess they liked you in a sort of weird way." He answered. They liked... me? I suddenly felt a little happy, knowing that I didn't completely creep them out. "But..." He continued turning to face me once more. "They want to talk to you again." My eyes widened. "I think they just want to understand you more. But I definitely get if you don't want to. I won't force you but I thought that you might want to-"
"I'll do it."
"What?" Yugyeom asked, not hearing what I said when I interrupted him.
"I said, I'll do it. As long as it doesn't get too out of hand," I mumbled, thinking if this was the right thing to do or not. It can't hurt to talk to them again. It might be better to so I can start to get along with them as well. Yugyeom stood still, staring at me as I sat on the ground. I looked up at met his eyes, confused by the look he was giving me. "Well?" He then snapped out of whatever daze he was in and blinked a couple times.
"O-Okay, we will call you on the board when we are ready-" I stopped him short once more, knowing that there was no way I was doing that stupid thing again.
"Actually...I have a better idea."

Thanks everyone for reading and look forward to the next chapter here soon! XD

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Who was the member that had shirtless pictures everywhere? I have a feeling it was Jackson because was talking about "ulterior motives" I got a little confused on the rooftop scene, so the person Na Ra is talking to is a ghost too?
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Oh, ok, that makes sense. I can't wait to see what the plan is!