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This is a song I heard for the first time in middle school, I believe it was. I loved it at the time and played it constantly, but not until right now have I ever truly related to it. I am home here. I finally fully realized it. I have been so happy here, but until right now it hadn't hit me in its entirety. In highschool, I did a purge of my life and cleared away all of my useless crap. I deleted all of my text convorsations from years ago and pretty much every convorsation except for my best friend and one or two others. Every time I would text someone I would delete the texts immediately after. There was no reason to keep them, after all. I did that for YEARS. I did that up until recently. I stopped deleting the texts I had with people at Elon, because I realized that they were important. It sounds dumb, I know, but to me I wet from being in a place with people that I didn't care if I lost the memory of, and now I have texts piling up because all of these people mean so much to me and they pull me through. I am home here. Finally. I have found a place that makes me happy even when my days suck, when I am told that we are putting my dog down, when he goes to England, when I am awake in the library until two in the morning. I don't know how I became this lucky. How did I go from perpetual dispair to endless contentment and joy? Last night I was with this boy that I've been seeing, and we were talking and told me that I don't seem sad to him. He told me that I am always smiling and laughing and happy. It's something about this place! I am not even like this when I go home. It's here. It's these people and this love and the future that I can attain now, that is in my grasp, that makes me smile. I am not the sad girl anymore. I'm the one that's finally home.