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Dear Youngjae-Oppa, Throughout GOT7s debut you have always been my favorite member Why do you ask? Well, whenever you show your beautiful smile it always makes my day even brighter like a ray of sunshine Your laugh is just a beautiful as your love for singing I love how innocent and pure your heart and soul is towards your hyungs and dongsaengs as well as your fellow IGOT7 like myself Your talent is one of my most favorite things about you. You're handsome, you're charming a funny yet adorable way, your english makes me want to talk to you in person, and I love that your are mostly just being yourself. When I first saw you on stage at GOT7 FLY in New York, I couldn't help but only stare at you and feel as if you were sing to me and only me. Not in a creepy way obviously. If I ever got to meet you in person, even just once, I would have the opportunity to finally eat to know you in person and spend time with you playing the piano with you, singing beside you and tell you that I love everything about you. Sincerely, Tori Daldegan P.S. I'm also a dog lover so I hope we can get along perfectly
Hope this isn't terrible since I've never confessed a guy before so it might be a bit embarrassing hopefully it's good enough Tag for the GOT7 Holiday Giveaway @luna1171 @PrettieeEmm @AaliyahNewbell @twistedpuppy @MaricelvaRomero @mbg3t @VeronicaArtino
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