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I thought this would be a good idea to try. I wasn't supprized by my answers though because i'm usually quick to make choices lol. If you wanna play, you can repost and tag me :D I'd love to know your guys's choices and reasons! Here are my choices and reasons~
~*~*All credit goes to TheLittleSweetThings on YouTube, who is the original creator!*~*~
NOTE: Some of these questions sound weird/stalker-ish but it is JUST FOR FUN! PLEASE do not take offense to any of my answers or the video itself, as it is for one, not my video, and two, again, just for fun.
1. A -touch Jimin's abs- (Because: Tae tae's hair changes a lot just like the other members and i always think he looks amazing in any hair, but Jimin would react like an adorable shy little puppy if he let someone touch his abs
2. A -Go on a date with J-Hope- (Because: J-Hope would focus on me completely while Jin would MOST LIKELY end up falling in love with the food instead of looking at me lol)
3. B -Kiss Jimin's cheek- (Because: Only if he allowed it, but, again, because of his cute reaction lol)
4. B -Watch Tae sleep- (Because: [NOTE: I would never do this. Seriously, it's weird, and i wouldn't do it] I feel like he has funny sleeping habits and it'd be fun to watch him and contain my laughter while he does weird stuff in his sleep)
5. B -Write/listen to music with SUGA- (Because: I want to see the genius at work and in his natural habitat. Also, i'd want to know his opinion on my singing [Honestly always have])
6. B -Disney duet with Jungkook- (Because: My voice would 100% over power Jimin's because we have similar singing voices, but i can sing higher. With Jungkook, that wouldn't be the case at all since we have completely different voices. It'd be a great duet)
7. A -Shopping with Rap Monster- (Because: He's my BTS bias and i absolutely LOVE his style to death and would love to wear some of the things he likes.)
8. B -Night out with the Maknae line- (Because: I admire and look up to the Hyung line a lot more than the Maknae line, so i feel like if this was my ONE opportunity to spend with either one, i'd soften up to the youngest faster than the oldest ones.)
9. C -Be stranded on an island with Suga- (Because: I feel like he'd be the most level headed in the situation. Jimin would cry, and Tae would joke about the whole thing until reality set in and he freaked out lol)
10. A -Disappoint Jimin- (Because: Jungkookie is too young and vulnerable for me to break his heart. That would mess him up for future relationships! Disappointment is something that can be easily forgiven and made up for though.)
11. A -Be Rap Mon's neighbor- (Because: Easy. He's my BTS bias as I've said lol)
12. B -Sing with Tae- (Because: Tae always jokes around when singing off stage and it's so cute and adorable, while Jimin takes dancing very seriously. Though rightfully so, i feel like i'd be judging myself and my moves and constantly compare them to that of his own and not have fun.)
13. B -Hug Jin- (Because: Suga isn't really touchy-feely often with anyone other than his members, and even then he sometimes moves away. I feel like it'd be awkward for him, while Jin loves being praised and will easily hug someone for praising him lol.)
14. A -Wear Tae's Clothes- (Because: Okay this is one of the creepy ones, but if i had to pick, i'd pick Tae. His clothes always look so comfy lol i don't know why. His style is also adorable.)
15. A -Gym session with Rap Monster- (Because: He's my flipping bias! xD BUT also because i feel like he would make up any excuse to not do the exercises himself. He'd probably lie and say "Aigooo, you're not doing that right! Well, i guess i'll just have to watch you the whole time and make sure you do." just to NOT have to do it himself.)
16. A -Staring contest with Kookie- (Because: I really fucking love his eyes... Tae's smile is what i'm obsessed with but Kookies eyes... ugh his EYES MAN. Okay i'll stop...)
17. A -Be stuck in a room with Rap Monster- (Because: Do i have to say it again? Bias lol there. Also, he's the smartest one in the group, so if we had to find a way out, he'd easily be able to do it. If not, he's the king of breaking shit so he'll just break us out of the room xD. And if he can't get us out, we'd have a great conversation while waiting for someone to save us because there's always something on that precious mind of his.)
18. A -Be Jungkook for 24 hours- (Because: I want to know what's on his mind :'c none of us know much about him because he's so quiet and HAS NO FRIENDS BESIDES YUGYEOM! But Gyeomie is amazing x3 )
19. A -To be Jimin's friend- (Because: Honestly, i just wanna see his dark side. Don't get me wrong, i love how idols are portrayed as perfect with a perfect image and perfect perfect perfect, but i KNOW our cute little Mochi has a serious temper, and i wanna see that. If i was his friend, i could sympathize with him because i have anger issues and know what it's like.)
20. Rap Monster -To have a deep kiss with your bias- (Because: The last question lol. Of course this would be WITH CONSENT. I wouldn't just jump over a table and smash my face against his.)
Don't forget to tag me if you do this too! :D I mean you don't have to though lol