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This is a Taehyung fanfiction, which will be updated everyday until Christmas.
You have been dating your boyfriend, Taehyung, for about 4 years now; and will be spending everyday until Christmas together.
Day 3/25
The next day I planned what we were gonna do. We were going to put up the Christmas tree together. I was bringing up the ornaments with Taehyung, but we both had to buy a tree and carry it inside together because it was too heavy. The tree was already up but we still have to decorate it.
"Taehyung, this one is too heavy." I said while standing there waiting for him. He came walking down the stairs and picked up the box for me. I saw his muscles show through his thin shirt. When he put the box down we had lunch and took a break from the tree. We both had a ham and melted cheese sandwich. After our lunch we started to put the tree together. Once the tree was all set up we started to get the ornaments ready. The first one I picked up was a picture of us before we became a couple.
"This one is my favorite." I mumbled to myself.
"Which one is that?"
"When we first became friends." I smiled recalling the memories. I put the ornament on the top, because it was one of the most important memories I have with him.
"Which one do you have?" I asked him.
"It's a secret." He held his finger to his mouth.
"C'mon let me know." I said reaching for the object.
"I'll eventually find out, so why don't you tell me now."
"Go on." I said eager to hear.
"When we first slept together, I woke up before you, and I couldn't help but take a picture of your sleeping face. You were so cute at the moment, I wanted to keep the picture forever. I still look at it from time to time." He then took out his phone and showed me the picture. He had the picture as his background. I blushed and started to hit his chest.
"That's so embarrassing. How dare you! You better not have shown that to your friends!"
"Don't worry, They know you're mine, so now they won't try to take you away."
"I wouldn't let them lay a finger on me anyways."
"That's my girl." He pulled me into an embrace and ruffled me hair. After we were done decorating the tree we were awaiting the best part. The star. The tree was to tall so I had to sit on his shoulders to reach. After putting the star on he wrapped his arms around me tightly and gave me a deeply passionate kiss.I smiled in the kiss, knowing this Christmas would be the best.
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omg I love this. @KokoroNoTakara you will squeal with happiness it us your ub