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Who: Zhang Yixing x reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Angst Betrayal Smut

Warning: Angst scene! Please read at your own risk. I don't want anyone to read the scene the wrong way but I still feel this chapter may need the warning.

Story: Five years after the worst break up of your life you found love again and married Zhang Yixing. A three year marriage going strong suddenly turns upside down when Your husband's best friend stays at your place for a few weeks.
Y/n's POV You woke up the next morning in Jongdae's room. The feeling was all too familiar, waking up in Jongdae's bed because you were running away from Junmyeon. At the very least you knew he couldn't find you here. You wished Yixing would just listen to you but your request probably sounded unreasonable since he didn't know the situation. With the additional stress of possibly being pregnant, you were more worried than before. If you still refused to tell Yixing about Junmyeon, Yixing may tell Junmyeon that you were pregnant and that would keep him coming around to terrorize you. It was why you did what you did the first time. Really the only way to be safe was to tell Yixing the truth. If Junmyeon became more angry then you at the very least knew Yixing could handle it, where as you would break down and become this small little thing in front of him. Junmyeon made you feel like an ant locked in a room with an elephant, every move he made had the potential of squashing so you were never safe. You sat up in bed and looked at your clothes laying on the bed for you. Jongdae must've gone by the house to pick you up some new ones. Then you noticed the new change of underwear and bra, now not only would Jongdae not dare to touch another woman's underwear, even in your state, but he wouldn't care enough to make them match. You looked up as the door opened and Jongdae came into the room. "Hey you're awake." He smiled. You nodded and looked down at the clothes on the bed and then up at Jongdae. "Was Yixing here?" you asked. He kind of scratched the side of his head as he nodded, "Yeah he dropped off your clothes for you. He gave you a kiss too I guess you were really knocked out." You sighed and pushed his covers to the side. Once you were out of his bed you remade it neatly and grabbed your clothes. "You know Y/n he feels terrible for making you cry but he hates being kept in the dark like this and honestly if I was in his position I would be too." Jongdae said. "You think I don't know that?" You said looking back at him. "It's not like I don't want to tell him Jongdae but Junmyeon was supposed to be a part of the past I left behind. I love Yixing more than anything in this world and it terrifies me if he finds out about the me before we got together. I was a mess, I was abused and battered and so easily manipulated and I thought because it was Yixing I could bare a few weeks with the devil's favorite playmate but apparently I was wrong. I'm just as easily manipulated now as I was then because Junmyeon knows how to get in my head. No matter how much I say I love Yixing my body will not fight back when it comes to him and if I do I have no strength to keep him off...Telling Yixing about Junmyeon is more than just sharing a toxic relationship Jongdae, it's going through a whole line of abuse that far exceeds mine and Junmyeon's relationship. It's more fear that he'll see me as a different person than anything else." You said. "You know that Yixing loves you, right Y/n?" You nodded, "Then trust him, trust that no matter what your past looks like he'll love you and protect no matter what." He said. That was easier said than done with your history. You took the clothes into his bathroom and ran the shower then got dressed afterwards. Apparently, Yixing even brought your toothbrush over. Figures he'd think of everything you needed. He took care of you, he was better than you felt you deserved but you loved him too much to let him go. You kept reminding yourself that Junmyeon was a user, that he only wanted you because he could control you. However, no matter how much you reminded yourself of that, if he touched you it was hard for you to run from him especially when he got to your neck. You got out of the bathroom and came out of Jongdae's room to see Minseok and his girlfriend in the kitchen. "Good morning Y/n how are you feeling today?" Minseok asked. "Fine Minnie thanks." "Do you need a ride in?" He asked. "No I drove here. Besides I have a doctors appointment in a little bit." "Y/n-" The concern in Minseok's voice came in. "I don't know, that's why I have the appointment." You said quickly. He nodded. You gave them both a little bow and Jongdae walked you out to your car. He encouraged you to tell Yixing the truth and trust that Yixing could handle it. Either way it was still terrifying for you to completely explain. He'd have questions and you weren't sure you could answer. You weren't sure you wanted to answer. You were scared to go home without him there. With the fight you two had, Junmyeon was probably gonna crack down on you for trying to get Yixing to kick him out. You couldn't handle him, you couldn't handle any of it and you felt just as sick today as you felt yesterday. You had only recently felt sick, perhaps it was more of the situations stress on you rather than you being pregnant. Truly anytime Junmyeon came into your head or you saw his face you felt sick. For such a handsome guy, he was the most disgusting human you'd ever had the displeasure of knowing. You headed into the doctors office and checked in. Even in the morning the office was filled but your doctor got to you quickly. She came into the room with a smile on her face, a clipboard in her hand and she exhaled sweetly. "Well well Mrs. Zhang it's been a while hasn't it?" She said. "Yes it has." "Last time I saw you, you were just recently engaged. Things must be going well, looks here that you think you're pregnant." She said. "Yeah but it's only a thought. My husband is concerned because I've been feeling queasy lately." You said. She chuckled, "Well I can run a blood test but it'll take a few days. Queasiness can be caused by other things too though have you been feeling anything else? Tender breast, gas any fatigue?" You shook your head, "I've been under a lot of stress lately so it's more of headaches and needing to throw up. Like I said my husband just wants me to get a check up it's possible I'm pregnant we haven't used protection a few times so I'm just being careful." You said. "Well in case you are pregnant I'd make sure you dial back on the stress it's not good for you or your possible baby." You nodded, you knew that but you had a very big problem. You had an adult sized Junmyeon living at your house and you weren't able to last a few days. You really had to force yourself to tell Yixing so he'd kick him out. It was just so hard to actually get the words out of your mouth. While your doctor walked out of the room, you agonized over what to say to him. You even thought about it as you headed to work. He'd returned your cellphone to you, it was lost within your clothes this morning and you heard it go off a few times. China Prince: Baby. China Prince: Y/n I'm sorry. China Prince: Come to lunch today I won't do any work. I promise we can talk. China Prince: Y/n please, at the very least just come home tonight. I'm sorry. Each text was just another plea of his hoping you'd answer him with something. Even an angry text about how much you hated him would've satisfied him because you had actually replied but the silence was actually killing him. Still you couldn't text back, not until you knew what to say to him. By the time lunch rolled around, you still had no idea what to say to him but you did the routine thing and bought him and yourself something to eat. The moment you opened the door he stood up and came to you. He kissed you hard, the way he kissed you made you feel like he'd take you right in his classroom and honestly that wouldn't have been such a bad thing. Aside from the fact that you two weren't the only ones in the room. He ignored the other body and his mouth worked over yours while his hands brought you closer to his body. You pulled away for a second to catch a breath, "Yix-" He kissed you again before you could finish his name. His hands held your face as he pressed down on your lips. He was practically sucking your soul out. Yixing had never kissed you like this, the passion behind it made you understand just how worried he was. Of course he was worried though, you'd forgotten your phone at home so he had no way of contacting you, you'd gone out of the house when you were known to get black out drunk when you were upset and he had no idea why you were crying. He even called Jongdae just so someone else was looking out for you even if you didn't want to be around him. He brought your clothes over and your toothbrush, everything you needed. "You keep kissing her like that you'll have to perform CPR to revive her." A voice from behind Yixing said. Yixing slowed his kiss and pulled away slowly granting you the gift of breath. Your hands were gripping the bags with the food in it in replacement of his hair. You didn't even realize it until he stopped kissing you. "Hi Y/n." "Hi- Lu." You said catching your breath. "Looks like you two are going to enjoy some lunch, I'll get out of your hair. Hey let me know who you pick okay." Luhan said directing his comment to Yixing. Yixing nodded and you felt his hand to your upper back guiding you to his desk. Luhan walked out and he sat you down. You placed his food on the desk in silence and he sat down in front of you. "What was he talking about?" You asked lowly. "We're selecting teacher aides to make our work load less. We got it approved by the Dean. I thought it would help us see each other more." He said. You nodded, "Y/n I'm sorry okay. I got frustrated, I just know something is going on with you and I don't know how to help because you're not talking to me. Baby I want to help but I need you to say something. Did Junmyeon hurt you?" He'd hurt you plenty of times, some times because you wanted it other times because he made you upset. Yixing wouldn't see that, he saw composed where you saw controlling, he saw happy and easy going where you saw angry and violent. He saw logic where you saw an illogical maniac that used sex as a weapon shading you because sex was a coping mechanism for you among other destructive behavior. You sighed but didn't say anything you just looked at the desk. He called your pet name again while reaching for your hand. You pulled your hand back and you heard the pain of rejection in his voice when he called your name again. You could hear Jongdae's voice in the back of your head telling you to tell him. The shaky breath you took in didn't help you so you closed your eyes and said, "My father- he had this habit of drinking when he was upset and when he was drunk and upset he hit and broke everything in sight." You couldn't believe you had said it, you opened your eyes to look at him. He was looking at you confused and your eyebrows furrowed. You exhaled heavily and willed yourself to continue. "I have a habit of relating pain with pleasure. I-I'm a masochist. My father was a heavy gambler and when he won big he treated me and my mother well but when he lost, which was often he got drunk. When he was drunk, he took his frustrations out on me. Back and forth over the years a pattern formed where he'd beat me then he'd come comfort me and tell me he loved me and that he was sorry and wouldn't do it again until the next time he beat me. When I was fourteen, I came home from school and he had a bunch of friends over and they were drinking and gambling and he lost. The moment he saw me look over at them and his friend made a comment and he came after me with this broken Soju bottle. He just started attacking me and most of his friends just kind of watched in their drunkenness but one of them stopped his attack on me and got me to a hospital. There were seventy two stitches in total and the cuts were about an inch deep. My dad wasn't arrested because I said it was an animal attack. The police tried to get me to say he did it but I wouldn't. I was too scared. So my mom sent me to live with my aunt. For a long time I've dealt with pain by associating it with sex which is why I stayed with my ex for so long. He knew I liked it, he knew I liked being tied down or grabbed by the neck. He knew what I liked so he did it and I got addicted to it." "Y/n." "When you blindfolded me I got really excited because it had been such a long time since I was and I just kept thinking-" "Y/n I'd never hurt you." He said cutting you off. You nodded, "I know but sometimes I want you to." "Y/n." "Sometimes I even think I deserve it. Sometimes I wish you'd tie me down. Even when we started dating I kept wanting you to be rough and slap me a little. I never complained about your style because I thought if I could get used to it then I wouldn't want those things anymore." "You still want me to treat you like that?" "You sound horrified." You chuckled lightly. "I can't hurt you Y/n. Everything you just told me- you want me to be as bad as them? If I do those things I'm only enabling you." He said You sighed, yeah but the problem was that Junmyeon was enabling you and making you want it more and more. You tried to ignore it but you couldn't. "I don't want you to abuse me Yixing. I just want you to be rough. Like with your kiss just now but all over me." "What does that have to do with Junmyeon? Do you not want him around hear it?" He asked confused. He was truly trying to understand but as you opened your mouth to speak Yixing's door opened up. Luhan walked back in, "What is it gege?" Yixing said. "Uh the Dean wants to speak to us really quick." He said. "Can you ask him to wait?" he replied. "No that's alright, I told my boss I'm going home to rest, I still don't feel well." You said. You stood up and Yixing caught your arm, "Have you made an appointment yet?" He asked. You nodded, "I made it last night, I went this morning and she says I'm fine. She's just checking one more thing." He nodded and carefully came down to kiss you but this time he placed his hand on your neck. It wasn't like how Junmyeon did it, he caressed the side of your neck gently and you placed your hand over his, getting him to tighten a little bit. He pulled back slightly to look into your eyes. You tried to show him just a little of what you meant. He looked at you with pain in his eyes and he pressed his forehead to yours. "I can't." He whispered. "I know." You whispered back. He pecked your lips again and you looked up at him and you said, "There's more." He looked at you in disbelief. You backed away from him and walked out leaving your own food behind. Your body was shaking intensely and by the time you got outside you were bawling your eyes out. He looked like he didn't know you. You felt like you were a freak to him. You felt your stomach twist and turn and your heartache. You just wanted explain yourself. If he knew about your darker desires, if he knew where they came from, if he knew where you learned what "love" was like then maybe he'd understand more why you were weak to Junmyeon. You weren't trying to make him less angry you just wanted him to understand. At the very least, if he understood what Junmyeon did to you, he'd know why you fell so easily. You headed home not wanting to be seen like that at his job. You pulled up cautiously and saw that Junmyeon's car was gone. That relaxed you a bit and you headed into the house. You kicked your shoes off rubbing your stomach. All that crying had made you tired. You suddenly found yourself being rushed against the wall a hand to your neck and Junmyeon's eyes burning. His car wasn't outside, how? "Parked down the street and waited for you baby girl. Figured you'd be home before him." He answered the question the fear in your eyes had asked. "Now tell me how you thought it was going to work out, getting him to kick me out? You feel satisfied?" He said through gritted teeth. His thumb pushed into your throat making you cough, "Junm- yeon." You said through coughs. "I don't understand you baby girl. I give your body everything it wants but you run to him. You think a piece of shit ring and a baby will stop me from getting you?" "Junmyeon s-top it." You tried to breathe. He pulled back his hand from your throat and you coughed. He grabbed your right hand pulled your wedding ring off and tossed it to the ground. "Junmyeon stop!" "Shut up." he seethed. His tone was so cold you honestly wondered if he was going to kill you. He placed his hands on the wall by your head and came close to kiss you. You were too scared to not let him kiss you. His hand came to the hem of your pencil skirt and he started to yank it up. You put your hands on his chest and pushed him enough and turned your head. You took in a breath but his lips fell to your neck. You let out little moans of pleasure. You saw your wedding ring on ground and reached for it crying a little, "Yixing." You whined as Junmyeon pushed you against the wall harder. His hand coming to your neck, as always, using your weakness against you. His tongue trailed up your neck and your vision blurred from hot tears. You stopped fighting him, you stopped reaching for your ring. You just didn't have the energy to try any more. You gave in. He sucked marks on your neck and the disgusted face Yixing would make when he saw them came to mind. His hand unzipped the zipper on the side of your skirt and he whispered in your ear, "You'd have his baby but you'd get rid of mine? I always thought it was because you weren't ready that you got rid of it." He pushed you up the wall and fixed your legs around his waist. His kisses didn't cease he just kept talking between them. "You did that out of spite, you'd have his but not mine." How did he even know about that? The first time you were pregnant you didn't even tell him about it. It didn't matter, the fact of it all was that he knew and you were weak. "You never loved me much did you?" He said. "It was never love it was an addiction. You controlled me and I just let you." You said almost no life left in your voice. "He'll leave you, he will because he can't do what you want him to really do. He'd never be able make you feel good, not the way I can and if he doesn't leave you will." You shook your head, "I need him." your voice scratched. "I wonder if you can even remember his name when you kiss me." He whispered against your lips. He kissed you and you didn't fight it. You didn't invite it, you didn't encourage it but you didn't fight it and that was just as bad. He walked you down the hall in his arms and opened the spare bedroom door leaving your wedding ring on the floor. You saw the last glow of the diamond as he closed the door and laid you on the bed. You felt dirty, the way his hands explored your body as if he'd never touched you before. Moving seemed too dangerous, asking him to stop was pointless, fighting him was meaningless. So his dominance had taken you over again and you had tasted real sin. Into the addiction you'd fall again....
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Omg this story is so good but the main character gettin me mad like I wouldn't let Kinney on even touch me without going crazy let alone not tell my husband about him
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@QueenLele I'm super happy that you like lol was worried about the chapter
You got me sad man... i was having a good day and you throw this at me 😒😒😒😒 YIXING PLEASE SAVE ME!!!! πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” heart is broken thanks man
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bad Junmyeon. u r so evil right now.
Yixing save me please. knee Junmyeon in the dick then punch him the face. and kick him the stomach and run. run to Yixing. i still love u Junmyeon but not right now lol
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@BabydollBre like for real. till he starts dancing like badly tho lol
You can feel her struggles. You kind of knew she will break sooner or later.