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What's good crew!? Ya girl Cindy logging in with the Media Monster squad. Ayeee! So gonna do a quick review on their song Dirty Bass ft. tyga from the album dirty bass. If you ain't know Far East Movement have two members that are korean. Here in the KHH realm we reppin' all the K in Korean. Korean American who rap in English. Korean Americans who rap in Korean. Koreans who rap in English and Koreans who just rap in Korean! This song here could be a door opener into the KHH realm for some new Comer just scrolling down vingle. Ya never know! So, let's get this party started *rolls up sleeve*

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So some quick background on the group then ok, ok! So here we have Far East Movement, sometimes abbreviated as FM. They have four member in the group.

Group Members (photo order) 1. Dj Virman - Filipino 2. Kev Nish - Chinese 3. J- Splif - Korean 4. Prohgress - Korean All of them are from Los Angeles, California and they went to high school together. To be honest they might not be from Korea but they are helping out in Koreatown in Los Angeles. They opened up a drug rehabilitation center for teens in LA. FM also have done some collaboration with some kpop stars like Chanyeol from exo, Tiffany from Girls' Generation, rappers Yoon Mi-rae and Jay Park. So they are very active with their Korean roots.

Dirty Bass- Far East Movement Ft. Tyga

So if y'all know me, y'all know i love me some bass. So the fact the song has the word bass in it i was already in love with the song! So besides the name of the song, other things I like about it the song starts off strong! Come in with a hot beat and the bass is smackin'. I don't know who the girl is but i like her soft touch she brings to song. Lyrics is decent they flow well with the beat but you can most definitely still dance without listening to the words. My favorite part would have to be Tyga part cause one I like Tyga lol. Also I like his lyrics the best too. The saying " I like that dirty bass" i like that too!