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Hey guys! So, I think I'm going to start posting again... Anyways, here's another story! I hope you guys like it!~ WARNING: This story is not for all audiences. It contains psychotic tendencies, language, and slight gore. Read at your own discretion.
If I'd known then what I know now, I would have never fallen for his trap. A trap so deep it has me in chains quite literally. The trap that keeps me from screaming out because there is a type of fabric inside my mouth. The type of trap where even though my freedoms have been taken away, I am still able to look into the monster that did this; I am able to look into his eyes, the man I once loved.     Jackson walked in front of me wearing the same taunting smile as before when he enclosed me. I glared back at him, my pride and strength showing nevertheless. He walked around me, staring me down as the only noise heard was his shoes hitting the cold wet floor. He said nothing as he kept his hands behind his back the whole time. After revolving around me, he finally stops and his smile widens. “It was rather easy making you fall for me,” he laughed, his voice a crispy low tone. “In fact, I know very well that you still love me even if I only see hate in your eyes.” He took a small pause before walking over to the table across the room and rested against it, crossing his arms as he raised an eyebrow at me. “Don't get me wrong though, I'm a nice person. And as a nice person, I'm going to grant you four questions. Why four you may ask? Easy, that's how many times I've tried kidnapping you before.”     He stood up and walked over to me, bringing his face right in front of me. “Stupid me, I need to remove this,” he chuckled as his hands grazed my bruised skin and he removed the handkerchief that kept me from talking. As soon as it was out of my mouth, I spit in his face. The spit that I had concealed in my mouth the moment he told me I could speak. His hand immediately went up to his face and he wiped off the saliva dripping down his cheek. With eyes full of rage he grabbed me by my hair and forced me look up at him. His grip hurt me, but I was not about to show any type of emotion to this man. “I'm being fucking nice and you're not being appreciative,” he spits out. He lets go of my hair as he pushed my head back onto the metal pole that I was to depend on. As he turns around I take the time to move my mouth around, finally relaxing after having to open my mouth after so long.     “Why are you such a monster? Why did you bring me here? What the hell do you want with me!?” I scream out, tears threatening to fall. “I'm not a monster…” He lowly said, his voice laced with fake sadness. He laughed after a few moments when he realized that his facade would not work on me any longer. “I brought you here because you're just another one of my victims. You see, I've never believed in a woman's love the moment my mother cheated on my father. You know what my father did when he found out? Simple, he killed her and made me take out her organs. Starting with the eyes… Cutting open her chest… Then taking her organs out one by one. That wasn't even the scariest part- the scariest part was that I enjoyed every single second of it.” He stood up and walked up to me where I felt myself instantly begin to shrink. “What am I planning on doing with you?” He laughs his eerily laugh before continuing, “I'm going to kill you when the time is right.” My eyes widened and the familiar stinging of tears filled my eyes. With a flick of the wrist, he let my head go and made his way to the metal door. “Sweet dreams, princess,” he laughed as he turned off the lights and stepped out of the room, leaving me in the darkness.     Over the next, what felt like weeks, have passed and everything was the same; Tormenting, hitting, bruising, screaming, eerily laughs, so much inflicted pain. Black and blue is my new skin color; fear is my new name. Tears and silence is my new personality, and anger and resentment is my new being. When he was near, I would never show any emotion in front of him even if it killed me. The pain and tears came after he shut the metal door behind him. I'd often cry out loud begging to be let go, praying to be saved or even found. Everything that I wanted more than ever was to be free. Free like those birds that fly across the sky, or the clouds that have no direction, they just float. I want more than anything to just be let go, to be back in my apartment typing away on my computer, taking photographs of items that make me happy, or even arguing with my annoying neighbor. I guess one doesn't appreciate what they have until it's gone, huh? I felt my eyes closer as I leaned forward, the metal pole no longer hurting my bloodied wrists. My hair clung to the sides of my face and I'm pretty sure I had bags under my eyes. I no longer could have kept my body straight for it hurt, and I didn't have the necessary strength to even keep it up. I felt a new feeling, but I was too numb to even try to decipher it. I sighed as my eyes threatened to close, but I didn't fight it and I just closed my eyes.     I woke abruptly when I heard a loud bang come from my door. I put up my fake facade before taking a deep breath. Jackson hasn't shown up the past few days, I imagined him deciding to already end the life he has taken from me. However, that wasn't the case. The light turned on and in stepped three men dressed in black gear. They all had riffles in their hands as they looked around the room. One in particular came to my aid and I was able to recognize them from a police team workforce. They went to my back and cut the rope that blinded me. Right away I fell forward, but the man managed to catch me. “What's your name? Can you stand?” He asked me, his voice, rather soothing tone. I said nothing in return, I was in complete shock that someone even found this place, let alone the police. The man patiently waited for my answer, but I couldn't be able to muster a single word. “I'm going to carry you, alright? I'm not going to hurt you,” he mumbled as he wrapped an arm around my figure. With ease, he picked me up off the ground and carried me bridal style. He turned around and started walking towards the door when another man carrying the same gun came inside. “Sir,” he started, “The owner of this place must've escaped. We haven't found a single trace of him or his whereabouts.” The man carrying me nodded and mumbled a quick ‘okay.’     He placed me gently on the ground, but his hand was still around my waist. “What happened?” He asked as he looked down at me. I still couldn't be able to speak a word. “My name is Jaebum, what's yours?” I opened my mouth, but quickly closed it as I started to feel self conscious of how I looked or appeared. He smiled slightly before continuing, “You don't have to be scared any longer, alright? I'll protect you.” With those words in mind, I was finally able to smile in what felt like years. “Thank you…” I managed to say, my voice very low and raspy. Jaebum and I were the only ones around, the nearest cop was about 15 feet away from us. An eerie laugh comes from behind Jaebum, my eyes widened as Jackson comes running out a bush with a knife. I don't have enough time to think as my body moves on its own and I move behind Jaebum. A sharp pain registers in my mind as I let out a blood curling scream. Jackson stabbed me. More men come to hold Jackson down while Jaebum keeps telling me not to die or give up. The last thing I hear come from his lips is, “Hold on.”     I wake up in a completely white room, machinery and their sounds make my already pounding head hurt even more. I try to sit up, but pain shoots up in my side and I suck in a sharp breath as I try to bare the pain, only to lay back down. I look next to my bed and see a man with his eyes closed. I didn't notice before, but his hand was clutching mine. He was facing me, but I couldn't quite make out his face, for his hair was on his face. I slowly released my hand from his grip and removed his hair. I came in contact with none other than Jaebum. My eyes widened as I couldn't figure why he was here… Jaebum twitched before opening his eyes. I yelped at the sudden movement. He quickly stood up on his feet, scared by my slight scream. I giggled at him as he turned a pink color and raised his hand to scratch the back of his head. “Uh… Hi…” He started as he avoided eye contact. “Hi,” I smiled at him. He grinned as he spoke, “You know, when I was little I would always tell my mother that I'm going to protect her and othe woman because that's what a man is supposed to do… Her response would always be for me not to get too cocky because one day a female might end up protecting me or saving me… The main thing I want to say is thank you. You really did save my life.” He smiled widely, and genuinely. I am not ready for love or a relationship, but something about his smile was enough to reassure me that everything was going to be okay.
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loved it! my bias the hero ❤
This is really good! I loved it!! Is there going to be more? 😄
Probably. I'm actually debating on it... Hahah
I really liked this. it was good RM.