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Happy birthday to my birthday buddy <3 @Pharmgirlerin hope today is amazing!!!
* You're Invited *
“Invited to what?” Erin hummed looking over the mysterious letter she found on her doorstep, as she left for work. “This must be some joke.” She chuckled, setting it to the side, as she climbed into her car rushing to work. “Why do I feel like I am forgetting something though?” She thought aloud as 'Go Crazy' started blaring through the speakers. After having a complete jam session in her car, she quickly rushed inside the Pharmacy, only to be met with confused stares. “Umm Erin, you do remember you are off today right?” Her boss chuckled as she looked over towards the schedule hanging on the wall.
“No, see it says here Friday, I work 8:30 to 5:15.” She mumbled confused, then her boss smiled brighter. “Erin today is Saturday. Happy birthday by the way.” They smiled brightly as the news finally hit her. “Wait today is Saturday, as in right now? This very second?” She mumbled baffled trying to piece together how she could forget such a thing.
“Hope you have an amazing day Erin.” Her boss waved as she slowly made her way back to her car. Just then her phone went off signalling the others from the B.o.B crew had awakened as a small smile spread across her face. “Sam, are you ready?!” The first message read as people were already making their moves to attack her birthday buddy. “Poor Sam doesn't even stand a chance today.” She laughed setting her phone back down before driving home, as her eyes landed on the letter once again.
2 p.m's pov
“Are you sure you invited her?!” Taecyeon asked for the 100th time today. “ Yes I placed the letter on her doorstep!” Woo young spat looking towards the others. “You didn't tell her personally?” Nichkhun sighed reaching for his coat seated beside him. “Where are you going?” Taecyeon mumbled laying down where Nichkhun was just seated. “To get the birthday girl.” He smirked walking out of the door.
Erin's pov
“Now what am I going to do with the rest of the day?” I thought aloud as I parked in front of my house. Just then, movement near the door caught my eye, as I debated if I should leave before they saw me. Once his eyes met mine I was out of the car before I knew what had happened. “What are you doing here?” I beamed as he quickly wrapped his arms around me pulling me into his chest. “As if I would miss my favorite Noona's birthday.” He chuckled as he softly kissed my head making my entire face flush. “Did you get Woo young invitation to your party?” He smiled pulling back to look into my eyes.
“Is that what that weird paper was?” I laughed remembering the unopened letter laying in the car. “Well Princess, would you like to join us and celebrate?” He beamed as I could only nod afraid of how my voice would quiver if I spoke as he held out his hand. “If you will Princess.” He smiled quickly helping me into his car as we made our way to his house.
“Noona!” Taecyeon yelled rushing out the house pulling me into his arms. “Happy birthday Noona.” He smirked placing a kiss on my hand. “We were beginning to think you weren't going to show.” Jun k sighed as everyone glared towards Woo young. “Hey it wasn't his fault, I was going to open it eventually I just forgot today was my birthday.” I mumbled as everyone looked towards me shocked before laughed. “You are seriously the cutest thing Noona.” Nichkhun smiled taking her hand out of Taecyeon's. “Stop being so jealous Nichkhun.” Taecyeon laughed leading the way into the house so the party could officially start.
*3 hours later*
A loud knock on the door drew everyone's attention away from the hilarious game of twister they were attempting to play. “Noona would you answer that?” Nichkhun grunted struggling not to fall as him and Taecyeon were tangled together fighting to win. “Sure” She giggled rushing to the door not wanting to miss the next spin. “Unnie did we make it in time?” Her favorite girls chimed. “Happy birthday!!” They all smiled as tears started to form in Erin's eyes. “You guys are seriously the best. I love you all, and Happy birthday Sam.” Erin smiled quickly inviting the huge group of people into the house. “I see everyone finally made it!” Woo young smiled as he sent a wink towards Sam. “ Happy birthday Sam.”He beamed as Yongguk nonchalantly draped his arm around her shoulder while Daehyun took hold of her hand. “Thank you oppa.” She smiled as a small blush crept onto her face at Yongguk and Daehyun's reaction.
“You too Jin, it is basically your birthday also.” He smirked towards Jin standing next to Bren who were both eyeing the cake. “Guys when were you planning on doing the cake before those two eat it.” Yoongi laughed while pointing towards them with the hand that wasn't holding Mic's. “I hope soon I am hungry.” Choi Youngjae grumbled pulling on Sail's arm trying to get her attention.
“I told you to eat before we left.” Jaebum chuckled before glaring towards the other person standing next to Liyah. “I am not going anywhere Jaebum hyung.” Jongup smirked. “You kids play nicely.” Himchan smirked from behind Sol as Jimin led her by the hand. “Where are the ikon boys?” Jojo Questioned heading over towards Jun k.
“They are on their way they stopped to buy something.” Yongguk smirked as Sam looked towards him questionably. “You boys are always up to something. I feel for you my birthday buddy.” Erin smiled as Nichkhun wrapped his arms around her. “It's not easy always being attacked.” Sam sighed as Kookie handed over a bowl of popcorn to Erin.
“I thought you might like some for your birthday Noona.” He beamed. “Wow this is a full house isn't it.” Becca laughed walking in followed by Top, the rest of big bang, and the ikon boys. “Now that everyone is officially here let's cut the cake!” Taecyeon smirked as everyone quickly started to push Erin, Sam, and Jin towards the cake. “Happy Birthday you 3!” They all chanted before breaking out into a terribly off beat song but it couldn't of been more perfect.
Happy birthday Erin Unnie! I hope you have the best birthday ever I love you!!!! <3
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This is so amazing! Love you so much Sam! You are the best birthday buddy! 💜💜💜😘😘😘
Happy birthday~ even tho I don't know you and I'm barely on Vingle anymore I still want to wish you happy birthday because you seem awesome ❤️
I love you too em!! 😚😚 thank you 💗💗💗
'Choi Youngjae grumbled pulling on Sail's arm trying to get her attention.' Where the hell was my attention? He doesn't have to pull, I'd be glued to him like a bee on a flower❤😍
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Awww such a cute story 😆😆😆 happy birthday to Sam and unnie 😄