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Do you have any other biases in Boys Republic and NCT?

First up are My boys of Boys Republic. Sungjun

First off he didn't need to do this to me. Why is his body so perfect? Second his visuals have got me reevaluating life for no reason. This boy is beautiful period.


Ummmmm Rude! Need I say more? This boy is gorgeous he's seems like a lot of fun and a total sweetheart. Plus he looks damn good in a suit.

Now my NCT Babies: Ten

Now I'm not gonna lie I'm not even going to attempt to say his real name let alone write it. I have grown an appreciation for Thai idols of other groups (Yes Bam Bam I'm talking about you Boo) Ten is my love. My spirit animal. He's a 96 baby so I'm a year older than him but we're quite close in age which I like. He's an artist as well as me and he's hella adorable, come on look at that smile the only one who could out beat that smile I'd have to say is Yuta! Also he plays piano and he's a rapper and I have a thing for rappers not gonna lie. (GD, TOP and Bobby I'm looking at you , yes I know they're YG lol)


Mark is legit my baby, like not on an inappropriate level because I'm 21 and he's 17 (18). Mark legit is my baby, I would take care of him no lie. Food, water, hugs, making sure he meets his bed time, you name it I got my little boo. Now here's why I'm such a fan of Mark: -His rap skills are to die for -He's in NCT-U , NCT127 and NCT Dream he's a bad boy, man. I'm impressed by his ability to survive being on three sub unit groups and meet all their schedules. (Y'all pray for Mark because if I find out he passed out from exhaustion me and SM are gonna have a long ass chat. I'm just saying #protecttheprecious ) -He appreciates talent aka Xiu Xiu (Minseok is life) -Mark freaking raps in his sleep in English and Korean if that's not the most precious thing, omg. Mark is the ultimate ball of fluff, he's just a sweet kid and I can't wait to see how far he goes with his career. I wish all my boys the best in their futures but Mark I can't wait to see in two or three years killing fan girls with his sweet rap lines. Y'all know when he's of age he probably gonna be on kookie level (rude) and destroy us all.
I loved your card. Your choices are really good.
aw Yay Thank you!
I just want to protect all of NCT bias or not, they're so precious
@VKookie47 yes they are