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just in.. sept 18, 2013/ 2:20 AM There's good news for fans of SBS' on-going drama 'The Sun of My Master', for it has received a one episode extension! SEE ALSO: Seo In Guk sings 'No Matter What' for his own starring drama 'The Sun of My Master' OST A staff member confirmed on the 17th, "After discussing it with the actors and staff, it has ben decided that 'The Sun of My Master' will be extended by one episode." 'The Sun of My Master' was originally scheduled to end its 16-episode run on the 26th but due to the Chuseok special feature film 'The Thieves', which will air in its time slot on the 18th, the drama's scheduled finale was pushed back to October 2nd. But now that there will be one additional episode, 'The Sun of My Master' will air its finale on October 3rd. This will not affect following drama 'Heirs' which will premiere on October 9th as planned. Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/09/the-sun-of-my-master-receives-a-one-episode-extension#ixzz2fDvvDDjB
thanks... yup.. i guess so... lol... another week again... this waiting is killing me...
cuz u rock nyla...thanks for the support...i just finished the recap...and since it just us i can cry about him being the one to follow tae yang around now....i want me cuteness back but i have to wait like 3 episodes i think especially since they added a new one
there's nothing wrong in reposting this on fb.. they are mean... and it's fb for crying out loud... you can post and repost anything you want there... now it's a different matter if it's here on vingle coz that would be duplicating it which is totally unnecessary.. if you want the card on your collection, there's always the clip button here.. like last night, evelyn and i posted the same thing at the same time coz when i chk there was no post about it.. when i finished posting it i saw that evelyn posted too... she was first so i deleted my post without having second thoughts... that's manners...
so i was so exited i reposted this on my facebook wall but it posted on the Show's wall instead and now i'm gettin a whole bunch of pms about it being posted already...dude its facebook...things get reposted hundreds of times...grr i'm calm now
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