From Jungkyun's 30th birthday unfinished12_jk - 오늘 너무나 많은 분들께 축하를 받았습니다^^ 모든 분들께진심으로 감사드립니다. 더 열심히 살겠습니다^^ Thanks for everything. #정균 #생일 #축하 #감사 #thanku
realxxzxuk - #GN (Also seems to have went to a show or concert where Zico, Crush, and other known artists performed)
1) ys140619 - good night~♡ #BIGFLO #WAVE 2) ys140619 - 추우니까 마스크 착용! #BIGFLO #WAVE #CORBANY Gotta love #HighYu lol
Looks like Hyuntae has been busy studying at acting school~ Maybe we'll see him in another drama someday :)
And Kichun!! Wow this boy is like traveling the world or something. Last month he was posting a lot from China(?) Now he's in Dubai!!!
I have also to create a new IG apart from my main and STELLAR ones. Feel free to follow~
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